Walter Bathe

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Memorial plaque for Walter Bathe at the indoor swimming pool in Wroclaw (Poland).

Walter Bathe (born December 1, 1892 in Probsthain, today Proboszczów in Poland , † September 19, 1959 ) was a German swimmer .

At the German swimming championships , the chest stretch specialist , who started for ASV Breslau , won a total of four German championship titles over 100 m chest between 1911 and 1917. At the Olympic Games in 1912 in Stockholm , he was both the 200m breast and 400m breast Olympic champion . His best times were to last until 1924. Of the 600 trophies he won while swimming, only the two gold medals that the King of Sweden presented to him survived World War II because he always carried the medals with him.

After his career as a swimmer, which he only finished in 1930, Bathe became a pharmacist , first in Breslau and later in Augsburg after the Second World War . In 1959 he suffered a brain thrombosis while swimming in the Adriatic Sea , from which he died two days later.

In 1970 he was inducted into the international swimming pool 's hall of fame .

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