Weather lights around Maria

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Original title Weather lights around Maria
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1957
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Luis Trenker
script Ilse Lotz-Dupont
Tibor Yost
production Neubach Film, Munich
( Ernst Neubach )
music Harald Boehmelt
camera Albert Benitz
cut Lieselotte Prattes

Weather lights around Maria is a German homeland film from 1957 based on the 1955 novel of the same name by Hans Ernst .


Thomas Sebald is a young hunter . He falls in love with the pretty daughter of the mayor of a small mountain village. Maria's father is not only the almighty mayor of the village, but also the leader of a gang of poachers . Thomas thus becomes the mayor's natural enemy. When he shoots him in self-defense , the village charges him with murder . Eventually, he is sentenced to prison for manslaughter . Maria is left alone in the village, but is convinced that Thomas is innocent in prison. Thomas' rival Kaspar sees his chance and woos Maria. Maria knows that Kaspar is also part of the gang and consents to the marriage as soon as Kaspar withdraws the false testimony against Thomas. Kaspar agrees, and Thomas is released from prison. When the village suspects Kaspar of having testified on behalf of Thomas and the latter escapes into the forest, the gang pursues him. Kaspar has a fatal accident. Finally, Maria and Thomas meet.


The film was shot from July to August 1957 in the Salzburg-Parsch studio. The outdoor shots were taken in the Salzburg, Tyrolean and South Tyrolean Alps. The folk music duo Die Geschwister Fahrnberger , which was very popular at the time , performed during a festival scene with their song Das Echo im Tal , which was also available on record at the time. The world premiere took place on October 10, 1957 in Würzburg in the Bavaria-Lichtspiele.


  • Lexicon of international film : “Naive, pleasing entertainment with an excess of knots of fate. Far removed from life, undemanding entertainment based on the familiar clichés of Heimatfilm. "
  • Adolf Heinzlmeier and Berndt Schulz in the lexicon "Films on TV" : "Nature shines innocently, people are divided into good and bad. In the end, the upright wins and the beautiful naturally falls to him." (Rating: 1½ stars = moderate)


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