sugar and cinnamon

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Original title sugar and cinnamon
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1915
Director Ernst Lubitsch ,
Ernst Mátray
script Ernst Lubitsch,
Ernst Mátray,
Greta Schröder
production Ernst Lubitsch,
Ernst Mátray
for Malu-Film

Zucker und Zimt is a German silent film in two acts by Ernst Lubitsch and Ernst Mátray from 1915. No copy of this production has survived .


A resourceful landlady rents the same room to two men: the commercial clerk Zimt, who is at work during the day, and the conductor of a café orchestra, Zucker, who has to work all night. After all sorts of turbulence, the trick comes to light and the two bitter enemies sugar and cinnamon finally become good friends.


Lubitsch had brought his first directorial work to cinemas in 1915 with Miss Seifenschaum . Since 1913 he had appeared in other films in smaller roles, mostly as an apprentice, but there were no further film offers. In late 1914 and early 1915, for example, he and Ernst Mátray, a colleague from the Max Reinhardt Seminar , founded their own production company, Malu-Film. In 1915, Malu made two films: Aufs Eis and Zucker und Zimt , which Lubitsch and Mátray wrote, played, shot and produced together. After being taken to the ice on May 21, 1915, sugar and cinnamon had its world premiere on May 28, 1915 in the Berlin marble house . Sugar and cinnamon had already been removed by the censors in April 1915 . After two films, Malu-Film was bankrupt.

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