When four do the same thing (1917)

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Original title When four do the same thing
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1917
length 40 minutes
Director Ernst Lubitsch
script Ernst Lubitsch ,
Erich Schönfelder
production Paul Davidson
for projection group "Union"

When four do the same thing is a German silent film fun play in three acts by Ernst Lubitsch from 1917.


The widower Seegstoff really just wants to spend a quiet retirement together with his daughter. So he brings the lively girl out of the boarding school. On the train ride home, his daughter meets the poet Tobias Schmalzstich, who wants to start working as a clerk for the strict bookseller Lange, who is also his landlady . She falls in love with him and makes for a shambles.

Widower Seegstoff also falls in love with the bookseller Lange, whom he subsequently advertises with all sorts of cunning. After all four have attended a widows' ball, the two couples finally come together.


The shooting for Wenn four do the same took place in the Ufa Union studios in Tempelhof near Berlin . The buildings for the film were made by Kurt Richter. The film showed Ossi Oswalda in her first leading role. The censorship imposed a youth ban in October 1917 on Wenn four do the same thing , which was 1,076 meters long. The film premiered on November 16, 1917 at UT Nollendorfplatz and UT Kurfürstendamm in Berlin .


The contemporary critics rated Wenn four do the same with “humor is good, dance school and dream scenes, as well as play and photos are very good.” The cinematographer was impressed by the film:

“How the four become two couples is conceived with such exquisite humor and played with true virtuosity that you will be gripped by pure delight afterwards. There is only sunshine from which the innate humor shines. The subtitles reflect the pleasure the writers had while working. "

- The cinematograph, 1917

The film described when four do the same thing as "a very fine and tastefully staged Union comedy".

“Ossi Oswalda, who knows how to unfold her amiable talent from role to role in a more and more refreshing way, shows herself in this picture, whose brilliant, amusing plot and excellent execution are particularly noteworthy, as a delightful master of the film game. This comedy is sure to be a big hit with the public and will have laughs everywhere on its side. "

- New Kino-Rundschau

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