1. FK Drnovice

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1. FK Drnovice
Logo of the 1st FK Drnovice
Full name 1. FKD, as
place Drnovice
Founded 1932
Dissolved ?
Club colors Blue White
Stadion Fotbalový stadium Drnovice (6,400)
Top league 1. Czech League
successes 3rd place 1999/00
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The first FK Drnovice (official name: 1. FCD, as) is a Czech football club from Drnovice (German Drnowitz ), a municipality with almost 2,200 inhabitants near Vyškov ( Wischau ) in Moravia . The team played from 1993 to 2002 and again in the 2004/05 season in the Czech first division. The club, which was founded in 2007, has been playing in the 7th Czech football league in Class B of the South Moravian Region since 2010.

Club history

Until the mid-1980s, the football club from the small municipality of Drnovice was completely unknown beyond the region. In 1976/77 the club played in the 8th division. In 1982 the former player Jan Gottvald , born in Drnovice, took over the management of the club. Gottvald was a washing machine repairman and car salesman, later head of Mototechna , a company that dealt in car parts.

In 1986 the Dorfkicker rose to the Divize, the fourth highest division. They won group D and rose to the 3rd league (then 2nd ČNL). In 1990 promotion to the 2nd division followed, and in 1993 Drnovice celebrated promotion to the 1st division. Gottvald's dream of first division football in the village had come true.

In the first season, the club caused a doping scandal. In the so-called caramel candy affair , the players Rostislav Prokop and Milan Poštulka were banned for two years, the club itself got away with a fine of 50,000 kroner . Prokop and Poštulka tested positive after the game against Viktoria Plzen in early October. It later emerged that coach Jindřich Dejmal allegedly gave the players caramel candies containing a prohibited substance. Dejmal was fired immediately by Gottvald, and Karel Brückner was his successor .

Drnovice football stadium

In 1994 Jan Gottvald sold the club to the chemical company Chemapol , as he said he had no money for further financing. But he remained in a leading position. In addition, he became deputy chairman of the Czech Football Association and remained so until 2000. Chemapol operated a petrol station network in the Czech Republic under the Petra brand, the club was now called FC Petra Drnovice . Chemapol financed the club and the stadium expansion. In Drnovice a jewel case was built that met international standards and in which an international match took place on August 18, 1999 that the Czech national team won 3-0 against Switzerland .

Logo as FC Petra Drnovice

Petra Drnovice was mostly in the midfield of the Gambrinus League in the 1990s . In 1996 and 1998, the club reached the final of the Czech Cup , but failed to Sparta Prague and FK Jablonec . Gottvald lost more and more of his influence and finally left the club in 1998 after a dispute with the Chemapol boss. Chemapol went bankrupt in 1999 and sold the club for 15 million kroner to Persport, a company owned by former tennis player Tomáš Petera . Only a few months later Petera Drnovice left Jan Gottvald again, who was chairman of the association again after five years.

In the 1999/2000 season, Drnovice finished third and qualified for the UEFA Cup . In the preliminary round they won against FK Budućnost Banovići from Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0 and 1-0. In the first main round, TSV 1860 Munich proved to be too strong, after a 0-0 at home they lost 0-1 at the Munich Olympic Stadium . Gottvald had problems financing the club on his own.

From August 2000 the club, renamed FK Drnovice , went bankrupt. In an opaque campaign in March 2001, Gottvald sold FK Drnovice to the largely unknown company Corimex. In October of the same year Gottvald left the management of the association. He was investigated for fraud and other white-collar crimes. He was arrested in February 2002 and ended up in prison for several months. During this time, the financial problems were so great that the club sold nine players to the league competitor Marila Příbram in the current season . Coach Karel Jarůšek then resigned. At the end of the season Drnovice was relegated in fifteenth place.

The association refused the club the second division license, so that Drnovice 2002/03 found himself in the MSFL, the third division. In February 2003 the local company Garmondi bought the remaining assets from the bankruptcy proceedings and left the club to Jan Gottvald, who became president of the club again in the summer of 2003 after being released on bail of 20 million kroner. Gottvald strengthened the squad, Drnovice won the MSFL by a large margin. 2003/04 managed to march through to the first division.

In August 2004, the Swiss company Sunstone Vermögen & Treuhand bought the club, which ended the 2004/05 season in eighth place. After Sunstone found no other partners to finance the club, the company sold all of the shares for allegedly 10 million kroner to Jan Gottvald and his son Robert. The then Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alessandro Leo, also asserted regulatory difficulties that could not be resolved with the share transfer. For financial reasons, the club renamed 1. FKD waived a first division license and played in the second division, where he continued to plague himself with great financial difficulties. The crisis came to a head in January 2006 and the players allegedly threatened a strike if the wages owed since July 2005 were not paid to them. At the end of the season, Drnovice secured relegation thanks to a better direct comparison with Sparta Prague B.

But Gottvald finally ran out of money, he announced the men's team from the game. In 2006/07 only youth teams of the 1. FKD took part in the game and on July 1, 2007 these were given to the neighboring club Rostex Vyškov.

In 2007 the club was re-established as FKD and they entered the 10th and thus lowest Czech football league. After three consecutive promotions, the team has played in the seventh-highest Czech league since 2010.


European Cup balance sheet

season competition round opponent total To Back
2000/01 Uefa cup qualification Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia and Herzegovina FK Budućnost Banovići 4-0 3: 0 (H) 1: 0 (A)
1 round GermanyGermany TSV 1860 Munich 0: 1 0: 0 (H) 0: 1 (A)
Legend: (H) - home game, (A) - away game, (N) - neutral place, (a) - away goal rule , (i. E.) - on penalties , (n. V.) - after extra time

Overall record: 4 games, 2 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat, 4: 1 goals (goal difference +3)

Club names

The club was founded in 1932 as Česká sportovní společnost Drnovice. In 1948 the name was changed to Sokol Drnovice. There were further renaming in 1961 in TJ Drnovice, 1989 in TJ JZD Drnovice, 1990 in TJ Agro Drnovice, 1990 in FC Gera Drnovice, 1993 in FC Olpran Drnovice, 1993 in FC Petra Drnovice, 2000 in FK Drnovice and 2003 in 1. FKD.

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Previous coach since 1993

League affiliation Czechoslovakia

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2nd league 14th 6th 2.
3rd league 4th 9. 1.
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5th league 1.
6th league 5. 1.
7th league 1.

League membership Czech Republic

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2nd league 2. 14th
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