Sparta Prague

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Sparta Prague
Basic data
Surname Athletic Club Sparta Praha fotbal, a. s.
Seat Prague
founding 1893
Colours blue-yellow-red
president Daniel Křetínský
First soccer team
Head coach Václav Kotal
Venue Generali Arena
Places 20,374 seats
league Fortuna League
2019/20 3rd place

Sparta Prague , officially: AC Sparta Praha ( Athletic Club Sparta Praha fotbal as ), is a Czech football club from the capital Prague . The club is one of the oldest, best known and most popular Czech football clubs. Sparta Prague achieved the greatest success with 3rd place in the European Cup of National Champions in 1991/92 .

Together with its greatest rival Slavia Prague , Sparta belonged to the almost invincible top in Czechoslovak football until the end of World War II and was also one of the best clubs in European football. Sparta Prague rose in the club's history only in 1975 from the first division. In 1976, the rise followed.

Club history


The club was founded as AC Královské Vinohrady on November 16, 1893 , when a group of dissatisfied athletes left the AC Prague sports club, which had been established two years earlier, to found their own club. This club initially dedicated itself to ice skating, but soon afterwards its own football department was created. Sparta is the oldest Czech football club, but not the oldest football club in what is now the Czech Republic. The German ice and rowing club Regatta Prague was founded as early as 1891, which also had a football department (later DFC Prague ).

Before the First World War

AC Sparta Prague team in 1896

The most important competition in Bohemia and Moravia before the First World War was the so-called Charity Cup , which was held regularly from 1906 to 1916. AC Sparta was able to win this tournament in 1909 and 1915. In 1912 and 1913 a championship was also organized by the Czech Football Association (ČSF) , which Sparta was able to win in 1912 by 1-1 and 4-0 in the final against AFK Kolín .

During the First Republic

In the 1920s, Sparta was at the top of both Czechoslovakian and European football. Between 1919 and 1925 the team lost in 58 games once (0: 1 against Viktoria Žižkov ) and was therefore called "Železná Sparta" (Iron Sparta). When in 1925 a championship was played for the first time by means of a league system, Sparta only finished second behind their eternal rival Slavia, level on points. The team secured the title in 1926 and 1927. After less successful years, Sparta only won the title in 1932, but could not defend it and had to leave the title to Slavia for the next three years. In 1936, 1938 and 1939 Sparta secured the title ahead of Slavia.

Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia

Even during the protectorate, Sparta was at the top of Czech football, with the exception of the 1941/42 season, but had to hand over the title to Slavia Prague except for the 1943/44 game year, when they became champions themselves. In 1942 Sparta lost 8-1 at home to Slavia and only managed to stay in the league with difficulty. In 1943/44 Sparta confidently secured the championship title when they had to accept only 4 draws in 26 games.

After the Second World War

In the first years of the new republic , Sparta always played for the championship, which the club won in 1946, 1948, 1952 and 1954. As a result, Dukla Prague determined the events, Sparta fell into a crisis at the end of the 1950s. In 1959 the club was tenth in the 14 league with only three points ahead of the last Spartak Ústí nad Labem. In 1960, the team saved itself only on the penultimate matchday. Sparta returned to the top in 1965, after winning the Czechoslovak Cup in 1964. Another title win followed in 1967.

The crisis in the 1970s

In the early 1970s, Sparta was only mediocre in the first division. The 1974/75 season is one of the saddest chapters of the club. As penultimate, the team was relegated to the 2nd division. 1975/76 succeeded in rising again. In the next two years, the team successfully fought relegation. Even after that, Sparta did not get beyond midfield placements.

Golden era in the 1980s

Sparta Prague ticket from the 2000/01 season

This changed only in 1983/84 under coach Václav Ježek . This season the double was achieved by winning the Czechoslovak Cup . The guarantors of success included players like Stanislav Griga , Jan Berger and Jozef Chovanec . Until the dissolution of Czechoslovakia, Sparta secured the title every year with two exceptions in 1986 and 1992. In 1991/92 Sparta made it to the semi-finals in the European Cup . There the team beat FC Barcelona 1-0 at home , Dynamo Kiev 2-1, against Benfica Lisbon it was only enough to 1-1. In the end, Sparta came second with six points.

1993 until today

Sparta Prague dominated the Czech league that was formed after the separation of Czechoslovakia. In 1996 Sparta was only fourth, 21 points behind its greatest rival Slavia Prague . In 2002 the team finished second behind Slovan Liberec , in 2004 Sparta was runner-up behind Baník Ostrava . In 2006 Slovan Liberec won the championship again. In 2007 Sparta won the double , in 2008 the team won the Czech Cup for the third time in a row.

In 2010/11 Sparta Prague started in the Champions League qualification in the second qualifying round. After the stations FK Liepājas Metalurgs (2nd qualifying round) and Lech Posen (3rd qualifying round), the Prague failed surprisingly at MŠK Žilina (play-offs). In the subsequent group stage of the Europa League, Sparta finished second behind CSKA Moscow and surprisingly ahead of US Palermo and FC Lausanne-Sport , before the capitals were defeated by the favored Liverpool FC in the last sixteen ; in the second leg, the extra time was just missed.

After losing the championship to Viktoria Pilsen in the same season , the team played in the qualification for the Europa League. In the play-offs, the team surprisingly failed to FC Vaslui . Thus Sparta Prague did not play European for the first time since the 1994/95 season. In the league it was enough for Sparta Prague for the second time in a row only for second place. As a result, the team will play in the third qualifying round for the Europa League in the 2012/13 season; there Admira Wacker Mödling was defeated 0-2 in the first leg in Mödling . In the second leg in Prague they achieved a 2-2. This enabled Sparta Prague to qualify for the play-off round, which they survived thanks to a 2: 2 away game and the subsequent 2: 0 home win over Feyenoord Rotterdam . In the ensuing group stage, they finally qualified as the runner-up team behind Olympique Lyon and in front of last year's finalist Athletic Bilbao for the sixteenth finals. There you met Chelsea . However, they were eliminated from this. In the season 2013/14 Sparta won the Czech championship.

Club names

The club was founded in 1893 as the Athletic Club Královské Vinohrady . In 1894 the club was renamed Athletic Club Sparta . Further renaming was in 1948 to Athletic Club Sparta Bubeneč , 1949 to Sokol Bratrství Sparta , 1951 to Sparta ČKD Sokolovo , 1953 to TJ Spartak Praha Sokolovo , 1965 to TJ Sparta ČKD Praha , 1991 to TJ Sparta Praha , 1991 to AC Sparta Praha and 2003 in AC Sparta Praha fotbal as


European Cup balance sheet

Overall balance

competition Games S. U N T + T-
UEFA Champions League 1420 53 30th 59 1860 1960
UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 30th 15th 05 10 68 32
Trade fair trophy 10 02 02 06th 11 20th
UEFA Cup / Europa League 1120 45 32 35 1580 1330
total 2940 1150 68 1110 4230 3820

As of September 3, 2019

Squad 2016/17

goal Defense midfield attack
01 Marek Štěch Czech RepublicCzech Republic
27 Miroslav Miller Czech RepublicCzech Republic
35 David Bičík Czech RepublicCzech Republic
33 Tomáš Koubek Czech RepublicCzech Republic
05 Jakub Brabec Czech RepublicCzech Republic
19th Juraj Chvátal SlovakiaSlovakia
3 Michal Kadlec Czech RepublicCzech Republic
25th Mario Holek Czech RepublicCzech Republic
26th Costa Nhamoinesu ZimbabweZimbabwe
2 Ondřej Mazuch Czech RepublicCzech Republic
28 Ondřej Zahustel Czech RepublicCzech Republic
017th Aleš Čermák Czech RepublicCzech Republic
06th Lukáš Vácha Czech RepublicCzech Republic
08th Marek Matějovský Czech RepublicCzech Republic
09 Bořek Dočkal Czech RepublicCzech Republic
11 Lukáš Mareček Czech RepublicCzech Republic
14th Martin Frýdek Czech RepublicCzech Republic
18th Tiémoko Konaté Ivory CoastIvory Coast
22nd Daniel Holzer Czech RepublicCzech Republic
16 Michal Sáček Czech RepublicCzech Republic
23 Josef Šural Czech RepublicCzech Republic
29 Martin Nešpor Czech RepublicCzech Republic
21st David Lafata Czech RepublicCzech Republic
30th Lukáš Juliš Czech RepublicCzech Republic
24 Matěj Pulkrab Czech RepublicCzech Republic

Well-known former players

Trainer since 1993

Sparta B

Sparta B is Sparta Prague's second team. Shortly after the club was founded, Sparta had a reserve team, the so-called B-Team.

Like the first team, the reserve took part in the Charity Cup in 1906 and 1907, and in 1909 in the championship of the Bohemian Football Association ČSF. As part of the reorganization of Czech football after the Communists came to power in 1948, Sparta was divided into the so-called krajská soutěž in 1951 , the second highest division at the time, which became the third highest division with the introduction of a second division in 1953. The return to the second division succeeded Sparta B in 1966, in the second division the B team was able to hold until 1971.

In the 1970/71 relegation season, Sparta B achieved a sensational success. After the team had defeated Sparta Košíře 1-0 in the quarter-finals of the Czech Cup , the B-team met their own A-team in the semifinals. The reserve won surprisingly 2-1 and was in the final against Škoda Pilsen . After a 1-1 draw in Pilsen , the second leg also ended with a 3-3 draw. When the score was 5: 5 after a penalty shoot-out, the rules at the time said that the lot had to decide the cup winner. Pilsen had luck on their side, but Sparta Prague's B-team left the field as the undefeated loser.

In 1977 the Czechoslovak Football Association decided to disband all B-teams. This decision was taken back by the officials in 1984, the team was now called Sparta Praha junioři , to emphasize the educational character. The juniors started in the fourth division, from which they made the leap into the third division for one year in 1986/87. In 1990 they returned to the designation B-team.

Sparta B played since the establishment of the Czech Republic in the third class ČFL, in 2002 the team was promoted to the second division . Unlike in Germany, B-teams from a first division club are also allowed to compete in the second-highest division. As a rule, all Sparta B players have professional contracts. Nevertheless, due to the great competition and the short-term sporting goals, only a few make the direct jump into the A-team.

After a two-year stay in the ČFL from 2006 to 2008, Sparta B rose again to the 2nd division in June 2008.

Sparta Prague in popular culture

Some films - the most famous example is Proč? ( German : Why?) from 1987 - took up the fan culture of Sparta Prague and related social problems such as hooliganism and vandalism.


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