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Alexander Emanuely (born December 17, 1973 in Innsbruck ) lives as a writer and intellectual in Vienna .


Alexander Emanuely studied political and theater studies at the University of Vienna and in 2002 presented his diploma thesis “ Avant-garde and its influence on political processes - using the example of the surrealist ”. His research focuses on the Viennese Jacobins , German-language exile literature from the time of National Socialism and the historical avant-garde. In addition, he is politically active in civil society and has been an active member of the Republican Club - New Austria since 1993 .

From 1995 to 1999 he was the editor of the e-zine CONTEXTXXI: Internetforum about Literature, Art & Society , where he mainly published essays by Bogdan Bogdanović on police violence in Austria, event and publishing programs and texts by various authors. In 1999 the internet project merged with the magazine ZOOM of the consortium conscientious objection and nonviolence in Vienna and the magazine Context XXI was created. Alexander Emanuely was managing editor of the magazine from 2001 to 2005.

In 2001 he was also a co-founder of the Austrian section of LICRA , of which he is chairman. From 2001 to 2006 LICRA Austria was the editor of Context XXI . In 2006 his historical novel for young people The Janissary appeared , which is about the sultans Nurbanu and Safiye and about life in the Balkans , in Istanbul and in Algiers in the 16th century. In addition to this youth novel, he has mainly published short stories in Context XXI and Zwischenwelt . Between 2006 and 2009 he was a research fellow at ESRA , where he and David Vyssoki worked on a study on the prevention of PTSD and the salutogenic factors in the life of severely traumatized people.

Emanuely lectured on Franz Hebenstreit in Vienna in 2010 and on Jura Soyfer in 2012 and 2013 . In 2013, he and Fritz Hausjell gave a lecture on the Association of Socialist Writers at the University of Vienna . In addition, he often worked in the performance area with artists such as Anna Mitterer or Thomas J. Jelinek , founder of the performance group

Since 2010 he has been working as a research assistant in the Theodor Kramer Society , where, among other things, he publishes the poetry series Nadelstiche and works as an editor for the magazine Zwischenwelt . He is currently publishing two volumes on the subject of avant-garde in the series of the Schmetterling Verlag . In it he describes the development from Félix Fénéon via Dada to the Situationist International and records its revolutionary goals and origins in anarchism .

In 2018 he received a research grant from the City of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Sciences for a book project on the development of the republican idea in Viennese Modernism as part of the Call Republic in Austria - Democracy in Vienna . The result was the documentary essay on Karl Colbert The Colbert example. Fin de siècle and republic , which will be released in autumn 2020.




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