Badminton Bundesliga 1995/96

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The 1995/96 Bundesliga badminton season consisted of a preliminary round in the "everyone against everyone" mode with a return game and a play-off or play-down round. In the play-off round, the 1st and 4th as well as the 2nd and 3rd competed against each other. The winners of the two games determined the German champions. The champions became SSV Heiligenwald , which defeated OSC Düsseldorf in the finals. The OSC Düsseldorf had to relegate and withdrew from the Bundesliga for economic reasons. Since the league was increased from eight to ten teams in the following year and VfB Friedrichshafen was able to assert itself in the relegation, VfB remained bottom of the league.

Preliminary round

Final score

space society Games Game points Points
1. FC Langenfeld 14th 66:46 22:07
2. SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen 14th 67:45 8:08 pm
3. OSC Düsseldorf 14th 69:43 19:09
4th SSV Heiligenwald 14th 64:48 19:09
5. TuS Wiebelskirchen 14th 57:55 12:16
6th SV Fortuna Regensburg 14th 49:63 11:17
7th BC Eintracht Südring Berlin 14th 45:67 09:19
8th. VfB Friedrichshafen (N) 14th 31:81 01:27


1st game: Uerdingen - Dusseldorf 4: 4
2nd game: Dusseldorf - Uerdingen 4: 4
3rd game: Uerdingen - Dusseldorf 3: 5
1st game: Langenfeld - Heiligenwald 3: 5
2nd game: Heiligenwald - Langenfeld 5: 3
1st game: Dusseldorf - Heiligenwald 5: 3
2nd game: Heiligenwald - Dusseldorf 5: 3
3rd game: Dusseldorf - Heiligenwald 3: 5

Final score

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