Herby – Oleśnica railway line

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Herby – Oleśnica
Herby – Oels
in Wieluń
in Wieluń
Route number : 181
Course book range : 322
Route length: 148.628 km
Gauge : 1435 mm ( standard gauge )
Power system : between Herby Nowe and Kępno 3 kV  =
Top speed: 100 km / h
Route - straight ahead
from Kalety (Kalet / Stahlhammer; Coal Main Line )
BSicon STR + l.svgBSicon ABZgr.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon ABZqr + r.svgBSicon KRZ.svgBSicon ABZq + l.svg
Częstochowa – Lubliniec (Czestochowa – Lublinitz)
BSicon STRl.svgBSicon ABZg + lr.svgBSicon STRr.svg
Road bridge
State road 46
Station, station
0.000 Herby Nowe (1943: New Herby ) 281 m
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BSicon ABZqr.svgBSicon KRZu.svgBSicon STRr.svg
to Zduńska Wola Karsznice ( coal main road )
Stop, stop
10.290 Kuleje (former train station; 1943: Kuleje ) 270 m
Station, station
18.619 Panki (1943: Panki ) 248 m
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
Station, station
27.687 Krzepice (1943: Krzepice (RBD Oppeln) ) 222 m
Provinces of Silesia and Opole
Stop, stop
33.644 Jaworzno koło Wielunia (since around 1945; former train station) 240 m
Railroad Crossing
State roads 42 and 43
Station, station
39,511 Janinów (1943: Hannenhöh ) 218 m
Voivodships Opole and Łódź
Stop, stop
45.691 Dzietrzniki (since 1928; former train station) 218 m
Station, station
51,552 Pątnów Wieluński (1943: Patenau ) 214 m
Stop, stop
60.140 Wieluń (1928–1931, since 1951) 181 m
Bridge (medium)
State road 74
Connection to the sugar factory
Railroad Crossing
State road 45
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Narrow-gauge railway from Praszka (temporarily Rosenberger Kreisbahn )
BSicon .svgBSicon STR.svgBSicon exKBHFe.svg
Wieluń Dąbrowa Wąskotorowy
Station, station
63,032 Wieluń Dąbrowa (1943: Welun ) 178 m
Railroad Crossing
State road 74
72,351 Biała (from 1928) 186 m
Station without passenger traffic
78.520 Czastary (1943: Wildenbach ) 188 m
86.711 Pieczyska 164 m
Blockstelle, Awanst, Anst etc.
88.555 Wieruszów PROSPAN 159 m
Connection to Pfleiderer Prospan
Stop, stop
90.955 Wieruszów Miasto (since 1986) 156 m
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
Station without passenger traffic
93.286 Wieruszów (Wilhelmsbrück)
Provinces Łódź and Wielkopolska
96,580 Świba (Luisenhof) 175 m
Blockstelle, Awanst, Anst etc.
102.134 Branch Kępno Kp1 171 m
BSicon STR + l.svgBSicon ABZgr.svgBSicon .svg
BSicon ABZqr + r.svgBSicon TBHFu.svgBSicon .svg
102.606 Kępno (Kempen (pos.); Tower station ; Kluczbork – Poznań ) 171 m
BSicon STRl.svgBSicon ABZg + r.svgBSicon .svg
Railroad Crossing
State road 11
Connection to the route to Poznań
to Namysłów (Namslau)
110.097 Bralin (Bralin) 175 m
116.509 Perzów (Perschau) 183 m
119,600 Gęsia Górka (presumably from 1924) 181 m
1922–39 Poland / German Empire
Route - straight ahead
today the Voivodeships of Greater Poland and Lower Silesia
from Bukowa Śląska (Buchelsdorf)
Station without passenger traffic
123.222 Syców (Gr.Wartenberg) 178 m
Formerly planned route to Międzybórz (Neumittelwalde)
Bridge over watercourse (medium)
Widawa (willow)
128.935 Stradomia (Stradam) 179 m
Blockstelle, Awanst, Anst etc.
134.147 Jemielna Oleśnicka (Gimmel, former train station) 201 m
137.558 Poniatowice (from 1931; Pontwitz) 184 m
Blockstelle, Awanst, Anst etc.
142.062 Cieśle (Zessel; former train station) 179 m
from Kluczbork (Kreuzburg)
Station, station
148.628 Oleśnica (Oels) 158 m
Gleisdreieck - straight ahead, to the right, from the right
to Jarocin (Jarotschin)
Route - straight ahead
to Wrocław (Breslau)

The Herby – Oleśnica (Herby – Oels) railway is a railway line in the Polish Voivodeships of Silesia , Opole , Łódź , Greater Poland and Lower Silesia .

Course and condition

The Herby – Oleśnica railway begins at Herby Nowe (Neu Herby) station on the Chorzów – Tczew railway , the coal mainline , near the junction with the Kielce – Fosowskie railway, and runs northwards via Krzepice (km 27.687) to Wieluń (km 60.140), from then west on Wieruszów (Wilhelm Bruck, km 93.286), the Turmbahnhof Kępno (Kempen; km 102.606) - there is railway Kluczbork-Poznań crossed - and Syców (United Wartenberg; km 123.222), formerly the beginning of the railway line Syców-Bukowa Śląska , according the Oleśnica station (Oels; km 148.628) on the Kalety – Wrocław railway line , where the Oleśnica – Chojnice line begins.

The line is single-track and electrified to Kępno. From Herby Nowe to kilometer 68 between Wieluń Dąbrowa and Biała , passenger and freight trains can travel at ninety kilometers per hour, from there to Kępno passenger trains can run at one hundred and freight trains at sixty kilometers per hour, from Kępno to Cieśle at forty Kilometers per hour, from Cieśle to Oleśnica it can be used by passenger trains at eighty and freight trains at sixty.


Historically, the route can be divided into a western and an eastern part, which meet in Wieruszów (Wilhelmsbrück) on the former German - Russian border.

Western part of Oels - Wilhelmsbrück

The first section of the branch line, Oels - Groß Wartenberg , was opened on November 10, 1871 by the Breslau-Warsaw Railway . The continuation to Kempen followed on March 1, 1872, the remaining section to Wilhelmsbrück on June 30, 1872. The company was later nationalized.

The 1914 summer timetable provided for four continuous pairs of trains and additional trains on individual sections.

In the United Wartenberg since 1920 passed the German-Polish border, the traffic on these has been set. In 1936 six pairs of trains ran to Groß Wartenberg every day.

Eastern part of Wilhelmsbrück - Herby

The eastern part was opened by the Polish State Railways on November 1, 1926 , after the area west of Wilhelmbrück had to be ceded by the German Empire after the First World War and to the east by the Russian Empire .

Since 1945

The entire route has belonged to Poland since the end of the Second World War . The line between Kempen and Herby has been electrified since October 1981, but passenger traffic has been suspended since the end of 2002. Freight traffic was also initially stopped, but resumed in 2017.

Today's passenger on the operated even in the passenger part is sparse: it operate weekdays five weekends two Regionalzugpaare between Herby Stare and Wieluń Dąbrowa , between there and Kępno a TLK -Zugpaar Katowice - poses holding in Wieluń, Wieruszów Miasto and Kępno. In 2016 the last pair of local trains ("Alibizugpaar") between Wieluń Dąbrowa and Kępno, which ran at night, was discontinued.

Literature and web links

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