Ball in the Metropol

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Original title Ball in the Metropol
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1937
length 84 minutes
Director Frank Wysbar
script Wolf Neumeister
Ilse Maria Spath
Frank Wysbar
production Fred Lyssa for Neucophon-Tonfilm GmbH , Berlin
music Walter Kollo
camera Erich Claunigk
cut Lena Neumann

Ball im Metropol is a film drama and romance film by director Frank Wysbar , who also worked on the script , from 1937. The literary film adaptation is based on the novel Irrungen, Wirrungen by the writer Theodor Fontane .


The married Margit Steltendorff meets her childhood friend and cousin Eberhard von Waltzien at a ball and gives him a meaningless kiss. When they both realize, however, that Margit's jealous husband was watching them because he probably recognized their new coat from afar, Margit asks the saleswoman Trude to put on her coat and sit down with Eberhard in a box to watch her husband like that distract from yourself.

Trude complies with the request and sits down in the box with Eberhard von Waltzien. In the further course, the two fall in love. Eberhard's uncle, however, is not very pleased with this fact; he doesn't want his esteemed nephew to marry an ordinary commoner. When Trude learns of the disdain that Eberhard's uncle shows her, she feels her honor has been hurt and renounces a relationship with Eberhard.

The plot of the film takes a dramatic turn when Margit's husband discovers that his wife was at the ball after all and exchanged tenderness with Eberhard. He doesn't care that these tenderness were harmless: He challenges Eberhard to a duel. But now Trude comes back into play and does everything in her power to save Eberhard from this situation. As a result, the film has a happy ending: Margit's husband has calmed down again and Trude is finally allowed to marry her Eberhard.

Release dates and different film titles

The film premiered on January 26, 1937 in Berlin's Gloria Palast . Further publication dates (abroad) were March 4, 1938 in the USA , and February 26, 1940 in Spain (there under the title El baile del Metropol ). In Belgium it was released under the French title Bal au Métropole and in Austria under the original title Ball im Metropol .

Production notes

The film was censored on January 23, 1937. Fritz Maurischat was responsible for the construction of the film together with Anton Weber , and Rudolf Brix photographed the actors on the set .

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