Bella Block: Unter den Linden

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Episode in the Bella Block series
Original title Under the linden trees
Country of production Germany
original language German
length 90 minutes
classification Episode 31 ( List )
First broadcast October 24, 2012 on ZDFneo
Director Martin Enlen
script Katrin Bühlig
production Norbert Sauer
music Dieter Schleip
camera Philipp Timme
cut Monika Abspacher

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Unter den Linden is a 2012 crime film by director Martin Enlen as part of the Bella Block crime series . In the main role , Hannelore Hoger embodies the Hamburg chief inspector Bella Block, who plans to experience a cultural weekend in Berlin apart from her everyday life .


Hamburg's chief commissioner Bella Block is planning to spend a cultural weekend in Berlin to escape her everyday work for a moment. As soon as she arrives, she witnesses from a distance how a man is pushed in front of a cement mixer. She even gets the opportunity to have a brief conversation with the alleged perpetrator. She also learns that an old woman is jumping to her death voluntarily. So it all looks as if Bella Block has to fulfill her professional duties in Berlin too; the planned cultural weekend seems to have died.

As she continues, she notices that her wallet with her ID, credit cards and cash has been stolen. Since her friend cannot be reached, the only thing left for the inspector to do is to register in a shelter for the homeless in Berlin to find a place to sleep for the night ahead.

The following day she is officially on the road again as a commissioner, equipped with an emergency card issued by the responsible authority and with a small amount of cash. At the local police station she makes her statements about what she has seen and experienced. She meets an old friend from bygone days, Inspector Müller.

In the further course of the plot, Bella Block gets to know Berlin from a completely different side: From the side of the lower class, the homeless milieu. There she meets people who, old and impoverished, are trying to make a living. In this social community, largely hidden from the radiant capital, she also meets an old-school charmer who owns an Austrian restaurant in Berlin. At least she recognizes in him a hint of otherwise apparently bygone culture.

Production notes

Norbert Sauer produced for UFA on behalf of ZDF . Filming began on August 15, 2011 and ended on September 16 of the same year. The film was shot in Berlin.

In 2014, ZDF produced an audio film version of the episode, the speaker is Uta Maria Torp.


Unter den Linden was shown for the first time at the Ludwigshafen Festival of German Films on June 18, 2012. The first broadcast on German television was on October 24, 2012 on ZDFneo . The broadcast in the ZDF main program three days later reached 5.2 million viewers and a market share of 16.7%.


Rainer Tittelbach sums up that the film is mainly about poverty in old age, which only gradually comes to the fore in the course of the plot. "The heroine guides you through the slow and sensitive narrated film by Martin Enlen, close to everyday life."

The lexicon of international films appreciatively notes that Unter den Linden is a "[s] suspiciously committed [n] (television series) crime thriller on the topics of old-age poverty and loneliness".


Unter den Linden is the 32nd thriller from the Bella Block series and the fifth that Katrin Bühlig wrote the script for.

In the Berlin subway, a street musician sings the song "100 Mal Berlin", which Arndt Bause wrote for Helga Hahnemann .

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