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Studio album from ASD


3rd July 2015

Label (s) Four Music

Format (s)

CD , LP , download

Genre (s)

German hip-hop

Title (number)


running time



Who would have thought that?
Blockbasta -
Single releases
June 15, 2015 Legendary / popular
June 22, 2015 Blockbasta
June 29, 2015 Anti-posture

Blockbasta is the second collaboration album by the German rappers Afrob and Samy Deluxe , who appear on the project under the pseudonym ASD . The album was released on July 3, 2015 as a standard edition and box set on the Four Music label .


Eleven different producers were involved in the production of the album. Samy Deluxe himself produced the songs Mittelfinga hoch , Ausrasta (together with Derek von Krogh and The Titans) and Ich seh was (together with Derek von Krogh). DJ Desue created the beats for the title track Blockbasta and NON , while the instrumentals for the songs Bruda (with X-plosive ) and Tortellini Augen are from Abaz . Three pieces were produced by Benny Bazzazian and Phono, Dr. Zorn, Rik Marvel and DJ Rocky are each represented with a beat.

Cover design

The album cover shows Afrob and Samy Deluxe, who are sitting on wooden chairs with their names on each and turning to face the viewer. In the upper part of the picture are the black lettering ASD Proudly Represents and the title Blockbasta in large white letters . The background is orange.

Guest Posts

In addition to the protagonists, other artists are represented on two songs. The rapper Max Herre can be heard on the song Deadline , while the singer Nena has a guest appearance in Ich seh was .

Track list

# title Guest Posts producer length
1 The party Benny Bazzazian 2:53
2 Blockbasta DJ Desue 3:39
3 Middle finger high Samy Deluxe 2:44
4th Deadline Max Herre Phono 3:58
5 Brother Abaz , X-plosive 3:52
6th There is war everywhere Dr. anger 3:39
7th Tortellini eyes Abaz 3:33
8th Legendary / popular Rik Marvel 4:14
9 Ausrasta Derek von Krogh, Samy Deluxe, The Titans 3:42
10 Airhorn DJ Rocky 2:56
11 Anti-posture Benny Bazzazian 3:41
12 Man versus machine Derek from Krogh 4:04
13 NON DJ Desue 3:22
14th Big final Benny Bazzazian 3:47
15th I see something Nena Derek von Krogh, Samy Deluxe 3:18

Chart success and singles

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 4th 07/10/2015 (5 weeks)
  AT 16 07/17/2015 (1 week)
  CH 6th 07/12/2015 (4 weeks)

Blockbasta entered the German album charts at number 4 on July 10, 2015 and stayed in the top 100 for five weeks.

On June 15, 2015, a music video was released for the first single Legendär / Popular , which was released for download at the same time . A week later the title song Blockbasta followed as a second single and on June 29th a video for the song Antihaltung was released. In addition, on August 14th and October 22nd, 2015, music videos were released on Tortellini Eyes and Man versus Machine .


Professional reviews
source rating
  • The online magazine gave the album three out of a possible five points and rated rap technique as well as the instrumentals positively, whereas some texts were described as weak:

The first half of" Blockbasta "is convincing [...]. Afrob and Samy Deluxe deliberately place little value on multifaceted content. It's much more about the vibe and energy of their rap music. So they open the record directly with an absolute board: "The party". [...] No wonder, as ASD have a clear goal for "Blockbasta": "It should be an album full of 'sneak previews'. Lots of bangers." The day team only partially succeeds in this mission. Already on the fourth track "Deadline" the pure power is over. [...] When the powerful ASD atmosphere is not created by powerful beats, you quickly notice the lyrical deficits. [...] So "Blockbasta" is ultimately a mixed album, but it's a lot more fun than the duo's last solo excursions. "

- Excerpt from the review by
  • Oliver Marquart from wrote an overwhelmingly positive review and certified that the two artists work well together:

The duo Afrob / Samy Deluxe still works well together. While Samy is responsible for the simple, clear trains of thought and punchlines, Afrob is the more difficult to access, more complex addition - rougher, rawer and more thought out around the corner. The mic is fraternally shared on the album, the parts merge seamlessly and complement each other. [...] "Middle finger up", "Ausrasta", "Man versus machine" - it usually goes straight forward to "Blockbasta". Rock guitars are used here and there, which underlines the aggressiveness of the album. All in all, the beats are always up to date, but mostly without setting their own accents. [...] With “Blockbasta” Afrob and Samy deliver exactly what one could realistically expect: a pure rap album with a few trap and rock influences, a coherent action record that mostly prefers steep passes to the front and renounced technical fiddles. The fact that we are no longer writing in 2003 but in 2015 is a little too seldom heard on the album. "

- Extract from the review by
  • Lukas Päckert from criticized the lyrical performance of the two artists, but admitted that they had created a successful successor to the earlier collaborations:

Otherwise the 15 tracks build more on atmosphere and party than there are lyrical masterpieces to be heard. [...] But all in all, you get a decent successor to the twelve-year-old “Who would have thought that”. The renewed collaboration was a long time coming, but the hunger is there and the collaboration on the tracks is strong as usual. Last but not least, the powerful, forward-going beats, produced by greats like Bazzazian or DJ Desue, easily weed out certain weaknesses in the text. "

- Excerpt from the review by

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