Damn it!

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Damn it!
Studio album by Samy Deluxe



Label (s) EMI , Deluxe Records

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Genre (s)

German hip-hop

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Samy Deluxe
Damn it! Dis where I'm from
Single releases
July 26, 2004 Back
October 18, 2004 Why
January 24, 2005 generation

Damn it! is the second solo album by the Hamburg rapper Samy Deluxe . It was released on August 23, 2004 on EMI and Deluxe Records .


In contrast to Samy Deluxe's debut album , which was produced almost exclusively by his two in-house producers Tropf and DJ Dynamite , the beats are too damn high! from many different producers, including Americans. The two producers of Dynamite Deluxe contributed a total of six instrumentals. Two productions each come from DJ Desue , the Heatmakerz, Baby Dooks and Kaos. In addition, Waajeed , Diamond D , Blitz, DJ Rocky, Jewels, Rob Easy and J-Luv each produced a beat. Samy Deluxe himself acted as executive producer .

Cover design

The album cover shows Samy Deluxe, wearing a black t-shirt , a green college jacket and a black baseball cap from the Boston Celtics . Two chains hang around his neck, one of which contains the initials of his stage name, S & D . On the left edge of the picture, from bottom to top, is the title Verdammtnochma and at the top right is the logo of Samy Deluxe (an S that looks like a dollar sign) in green. This is encircled by the words Wickeda MC - Samy Deluxe - Samsemilia - Samy Deluxe .

Guest Posts

Other artists are represented on five songs on the album. The Hamburg rap crew headliners can be heard on Ready and Samy's collaboration partner Afrob supports him on Champions . In addition, the singer J-Luv has a guest article on Sometimes , while the rapper Charnell on Was was in appearance. You can also hear the vibe on Why .

Track list

Professional reviews
source rating
# title Guest musician producer length
1 Intro Heatmakerz 3:59
2 Back lightning 3:37
3 ready Headliners DJ Rocky 4:16
4th Just me Waajeed 3:57
5 Do what i do DJ Desue 3:43
6th The best drip 3:07
7th Why Vibe Baby dooks 3:35
8th Champions Afrob Kaos 3:51
9 Beat Box (Skit) 0:44
10 More rapshit (wow) Kaos 3:58
11 Bounce Club Jewels 3:49
12 PDSA Rob Easy 3:11
13 generation drip 3:46
14th Think drip 3:57
15th Ha ha ha DJ Desue 3:15
16 It's true DJ Dynamite 4:30
17th Sometimes J-Luv J-Luv 4:00
18th Much more DJ Dynamite 1:57
19th Pure poison 2004 Dynamite Deluxe 2:59
20th What what Charnell Baby dooks 5:01
21st look back Diamond D 3:56
22nd Thank God Heatmakerz 3:39

Chart success and singles

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Damn it!
  DE 2 09/06/2004 (9 weeks)
  AT 10 09/05/2004 (8 weeks)
  CH 9 09/05/2004 (9 weeks)
  DE 22nd 08/09/2004 (9 weeks)
  AT 53 08/08/2004 (4 weeks)
  CH 36 08/08/2004 (7 weeks)
  DE 56 11/01/2004 (5 weeks)
  DE 43 02/07/2005 (7 weeks)

Like its predecessor, the album entered the German charts at number 2 in the 37th calendar week of 2004 . In the following weeks it occupied the 7th position; 5 and 16. After 9 weeks, Damnnochma left ! the top 100. In the German annual charts for 2004, the sound carrier was ranked 80th.

Back (DE # 22, 9 weeks), Why (DE # 56, 5 weeks) and Generation (DE # 43, 7 weeks) were published as singles .

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