Pearls before the swine

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Pearls before the swine
Mixtape by Samy Deluxe


1. November 2013

Label (s) Deluxe Records ,
Universal Music Group

Format (s)

CD , LP , download

Genre (s)

German hip-hop , rap

Title (number)


running time


The Last Dance
Pearls before the swine Good old days
Single release
October 25, 2013 Pearls before the swine

Pearls before the pigs is the ninth mixtape by the Hamburg rapper Samy Deluxe . It was released on November 1, 2013 on the Deluxe Records and Universal Music labels .

Cover design

The album cover shows a yellow x-ray of a hand stretching out the middle finger . At the top left are the yellow lettering Samy Delvxe (with the letter V instead of U ), pearls in front of the sows and Mixtape , while at the bottom of the picture are the words Mixed by DJ Mixwell and Hosted by ASD .

Guest Posts

In addition to Samy Deluxe, other artists are represented on five songs on the mixtape. The rapper Megaloh is involved in the song Pandemonium , while the singer Matteo Capreoli can be heard on the title track Perlen vor die Säu . The title Testosteron is a collaboration with the rapper Afrob , and the rapper Ali A $ has a guest appearance on Hypochondria . Samy Deluxe also works on Jungle Book with the singer and rapper Brixx .

Track list

# title Guest musician length
1 Gucci intro 3:07
2 DELUXE 2:36
3 Pearls before the swine Matteo Capreoli 3:06
4th Pandemonium Megaloh 4:29
5 Exodus 2:28
6th Retro goes like this .. 1:11
7th Clock turned 2:09
8th LoKickHiHatClap 3:04
9 stalker 2:13
10 Heard 2013 2:26
11 testosterone Afrob 3:38
12 Doitschrap Festival 4:25
13 epos 2:58
15th Oink Oink 2:55
16 light off 3:31
17th Story to tell 3:24
18th Hypochondria Ali A $ 2:34
19th Dieter 3:29
20th Jungle book Brixx 3:00
21st First love 3:58
22nd Samy Anthem 3:37

Chart successes and singles

Chart positions
Explanation of the data
Pearls before the swine
  DE 12 11/15/2013 (2 weeks)
  AT 19th 11/15/2013 (1 week)
  CH 12 11/17/2013 (2 weeks)

Perlen vor die Säue entered the German album charts at number 12 on November 15, 2013 and was ranked 76 the following week before it left the top 100. The mixtape reached position 19 in Austria and 12th in Switzerland.

On October 25, 2013, the title song Perlen vor die Säu , including a music video , was released as a single .


Professional reviews
source rating

Thomas Haas from rated the mixtape with two out of a possible five points. Samy Deluxe raps "still with his varied voices: sometimes fast, sometimes relaxed, sometimes aggressive and then again arrogant-condescending" at a high level, but the lyrics consist of "an incredible number of unimportant lines" and often primitive comparisons. The song Oink Oink is seen as the absolute low point of the record.

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