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Dynamite Deluxe studio album



Label (s) EMI

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Hip hop

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DJ dynamite and drip

Deluxe sound system
Single releases
January 11, 2008 Dynamite!
March 14, 2008 Everything stays different (feat. Jan Delay)
September 26, 2008 Further

TNT is the second studio album by the German hip-hop group Dynamite Deluxe . It was released on January 25, 2008 on the EMI label and made it into the top 5 of the German album charts. Was produced TNT of DJ Dynamite and drip .


Dynamite Deluxe in 2008

In 2000, Dynamite Deluxe released their first studio album. This was released under the title Deluxe Soundsystem and is considered one of the most important and influential German-language hip-hop albums. Shortly after the release of the phonogram, the group announced their separation. In the following years Samy Deluxe , Tropf and DJ Dynamite worked on solo projects. The three members kept in contact with each other and sporadically recorded songs together.

In 2004 the studio album Verdammtnochma by Samy Deluxe was created. This was mixed by dynamite and drip . Due to the close cooperation on the sound carrier, the idea of ​​recording another album as Dynamite Deluxe developed. After the release of Samy Deluxe's ​​second solo album, the three musicians began recording with TNT . This lasted three years.

“For me, DD was ticked, I didn't think about it any further. It was good the way it was. But in the end, that only increased the appeal of making a second album seven years later and thus completing and refining the overall image of a band, which was strongly associated with a very specific period of time. "

- DJ Dynamite across from hip-hop magazine Juice

Work on TNT was kept secret for over three years. Dynamite Deluxe inaugurated just a few people from EMI, as well as some representatives of the media who deal with the music genre hip-hop. The reason for this decision was that the members were unsure whether the close cooperation after the break of several years would still lead to satisfactory results. This kept the group open to cancel production of the album. The announcement that Dynamite Deluxe would work together again as a group came in the September 2007 issue of hip-hop magazine Juice . A two-sided advertisement was printed therein, showing the Dynamite Deluxe logo and a reference to January 2008 . On September 15, 2007, the Hamburg group finally performed together again for the first time as part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Juice in Munich.


TNT appeared in three CD editions and a vinyl version. The standard and vinyl versions consist of a total of thirteen songs. A special edition was published at the same time as these versions . This consists of the TNT CD and a DVD. The special edition was limited to 10,000 units. The third version was a edition . This can only be purchased on the MZEE .com website and, like the Special Edition, is limited. In contrast to the standard version of TNT , the Edition offers two additional pieces. These are the song Grant me a little fun and the a cappella version of the piece of music Dynamit! . In Naught me alittle bit of fun , the The Jackson Five -Hit I Want You Back sampled from the year 1969th

Track list

Rapper Samy Deluxe
  1. First song - 2:03
  2. Newcomer of the Year - 3:13
  3. Everything stays different (feat. Jan Delay) - 3:14
  4. Boombox - 3:02
  5. Comma clear - 3:18
  6. Next - 3:09
  7. My Problem (Take It Easy) - 3:52
  8. Now and then - 2:43
  9. My flow is - 3:34
  10. So far - 4:10
  11. Dynamite! - 3:25
  12. The throne is mine - 3:45
  13. Last song - 3:51


DJ Dynamite and Tropf are responsible for the production of TNT . In contrast to the first album by Dynamite Deluxe, almost every piece was produced by both musicians together. The working process at TNT began with Tropf und Dynamite producing a large number of beats and the three members then considering which topic could be treated on an instrumental . Through this way of working, all three members were involved in the development of text ideas. The final mastering of the album took place in Atlanta .

In the productions of the songs by TNT , influences from other music genres were included in addition to classic hip-hop beats. Dynamite and drip incorporated stylistic elements of the reggae- based dancehall music style into the piece Weiter . Another song that can be mentioned is Mein Problem (Take it easy) . This, too, uses elements of the Jamaican reggae music form.

In developing the beats for the album, Tropf and Dynamite also used various production techniques. On the song Weiter the band first used the Auto-Tune program . This is used for automatic pitch correction. Another technique that can be mentioned is the use of a vocoder for the piece from time to time. With this the sound of the voice can be manipulated. Backing vocals are also used in various songs . These are accompanying secondary voices that serve to reinforce the lead singer's voice. Backing vocals are used to emphasize certain parts of the text. In the piece of music Mein Flow ist , this technique was used for the word “stereo”. For the song Newcomer of the Year , Samy Deluxe's ​​voice was "baked" with a lower secondary voice. In the mixing ratio, the main voice of the rapper with the lower backing vocal was reversed so that the lower voice can be heard louder.


The lyrics on the album address both social issues and the personal lives of the group members. The development of hip-hop culture, which Dynamite Deluxe helped shape in Germany, is also dealt with on the sound carrier.

TNT begins with the lines: “ I'm glad how it went, until the next LP. That's it from Germany's best MC so far! “This introduces the second record of the Hamburg band with the last two lines of the piece Bis dato , which in 2000 marked the end of the album Deluxe Soundsystem . On the original version of First Song , Samy Deluxe wanted to record a different verse at the beginning of the album. This was then used for the piece Weiter .

After the first song , the song Newcomer of the Year follows . In the chorus, the so-called hookline , Samy Deluxe describes the group as “Newcomer of the Year”: “We're back, let's see who's there. These are Deluxe, the newcomers of the year. We are the newest crew on the market. Put your hands up, folks, and say it. ” The song suggests that after Dynamite Deluxe's ​​long hiatus, many young listeners to the hip-hop music genre are no longer familiar with the band's first album. Furthermore, the song is aimed at the fans of the old pieces by Dynamite Deluxe and is intended to express that the musical style of the band is not stagnating, but other influences are being absorbed and something new is created.

The song Everything stays different treats the immutability of conditions in society. In an interview, the band explained that initially two different texts were possible for the beat and that the final content orientation was decided by the collaboration of Jan Delay.

“Politicians always talk a lot but don't help anyone. People want to eat well - then eat junk food , knowing it's bad, but it tastes so damn good. And all the new bands always only cover the old songs. No matter where I am, I always only see the old bourgeoisie, gossip about Turks and sit in their allotment garden , in the evening you see them around the corner at the kebab shop. And I understand that all people have their faults, but I also see that they make our lives unnecessarily difficult. Everything is screwed, as Jan says, is standard. Still, we're fine while we're driving through the country. "

- Excerpt from the second stanza of the piece Everything stays different

With the line "Everything is in the ass as Jan says" , Samy Deluxe refers to the song Im Arsch , which was released in 2007 as a single by Jan Delay and Udo Lindenberg .

In the following songs different themes are taken up by the band. The focus is often on one's own musical qualities. In the battle rap piece The Throne Is Mine , Samy Deluxe describes himself as the best rapper and describes his view of the competition: “I don't have to say anything bad about other rappers. I rap so well that other rappers are ashamed. Because if I'm honest, I haven't seen any other rapper that is even remotely worth mentioning him here now. ” Even in the piece of dynamite! , which was the last song on the sound carrier to be completed, the band deals with their own musical style and primarily wants to use this piece of music to indicate the reunification of the group.

On Boombox , Samy Deluxe describes the hip-hop scene at the time the album Deluxe Soundsystem was created . This is shaped by the affection of a small group for culture (" I hope the sound brings back some old memories, when hip-hop was better here, before everyone was a rapper here. "). The rapper critically contrasts the German scene at the turn of the millennium with hip-hop culture in 2008. Deluxe emphasizes his impression that in 2008 the “ image ” and marketing of rappers have become the most important aspects in hip-hop music. This is in contrast to the attitude of the Hamburg rap scene in the late 1990s, when the focus was on culture and musical quality. Samy Deluxe sees the increased popularity of hip-hop music as positive. This was initially reserved for a small group, as there were only a few media outlets that dealt with this topic. Deluxe points out that there were numerous hip hop magazines and websites in 2008. At the end of both stanzas of Boombox , the rapper points out that Dynamite Deluxe represent hip-hop and have actively shaped the development of the culture.

In the piece Komma klar , Samy Deluxe addresses his displeasure with fans of his music who meet him and do not accept his privacy. According to the rapper, a comma clearly ends a trilogy that began with the songs VIP and Wait a minute Sam .

“The topic is definitely a very real one from my everyday life, but at the same time nothing that I'm overly upset about. Sure, if I, as Samy worry go'm quite obvious with a woman, my child or my mother, it is annoying when I from strangers on Homie will angela bert. But otherwise I can somehow understand that, especially in the club, where the people are also broad. That's why I no longer tell all the stories that happen to me all the time, but just summarize them in my own way in a song. "

- Samy Deluxe across from hip-hop magazine Juice

In Mein Problem (Take it easy) , Samy Deluxe sings about his ambitions to have a relationship with a certain woman. However, this fails because of the unrequited love.

The album closes with the song Last Song . In it, Samy Deluxe asks himself what he would "tell the people" if this were his last song. The rapper also thanks various people who have a meaning in his life, including the rapper Afrob , his band members DJ Dynamite und Tropf, hip-hop musician Torch and his fans.

Guest musician

Jan Delay in 2007

In contrast to the majority of publications in the hip-hop music genre, TNT only contains a guest contribution. This comes from the German hip-hop, reggae and funk musician Jan Phillip Eißfeldt, who appears on the sound carrier under the stage name Jan Delay . Delay sings on the piece of music Everything remains different from the refrain . Like Dynamite Deluxe, it comes from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and was a long-time friend of the group even before TNT was released . For example, producer Tropf is accompanying Jan Delay's tour in 2007. Since the studios of Tropf and Jan Delay are directly adjacent, Delay was involved in the creation process of TNT , which ultimately led to the production of the song Alles remains anders .

In 2000 Jan Delay was one of the few guest musicians on Deluxe Soundsystem . The piece Green Glasses can be heard on this . The song, which addresses the addiction to marijuana , was released as a single and is one of Dynamite Deluxe's ​​most famous pieces.

The reason why no other external musician besides Jan Delay was involved in the production of the album is that the focus of the album should be on the Hamburg band. In an interview, producer Tropf also referred to Samy Deluxe's ​​talent for writing lyrics, which resulted in the fact that guest contributions by other rappers were not necessary in order to improve the quality of the sound carrier.


Chart successes and singles

Samy Deluxe during the video shoot for the song Dynamit!

As a forerunner on TNT , Dynamite Deluxe released the song Boombox . This was completed as the first piece in the recording process of the album. The band made Boombox available for free on the Internet. A video was made for the song, which largely consists of recordings from concerts.

On December 14, 2007, DJ Dynamite and Samy Deluxe were guests on the MTV show TRL XXL . There they posted the video for the first single Dynamit! in front. Dynamite! reached second place in the TRL Most Wanted charts of the MTV show and was also able to take first place in the following weeks. The single was released on January 11, 2008. The sound carrier contains five songs as well as the video for the piece Boombox . The five songs include the album and instrumental version as well as a Moonbootica Club Mix and a drip remix of the track Dynamit! as well as the song As loud as it goes .

As the second single, the piece of music Everything stays different was selected. The single for the song was released on March 14, 2008. In addition to the title song, the piece Türpolitik can be heard on this. A video was also made of everything stays different . In this one Samy Deluxe can be seen in a spacesuit . In the video, the rapper walks alone through different areas such as forests or tunnels and, in the course of the video, meets different people who behave negatively towards him, so that Samy Deluxe is alone again after each meeting.

Both singles were released as a vinyl maxi single in addition to a CD version.

On September 26th, 2008 the label EMI released the third single Weiter . In addition to the original version of the title, this also features an instrumental version of Weiter as well as the pieces The Lion King , Encore and Easy Dub . A video was also made for the third single.

year title Top ranking, total weeks, awardChart placementsChart placementsTemplate: chart table / maintenance / without sources
(Year, title, rankings, weeks, awards, notes)
2008 Dynamite! DE29 (5 weeks)
AT87 (1 week)
Publication: January 11, 2008
Everything stays different DE71 (3 weeks)
- -
Release: March 14, 2008
Further - - -
Release: September 26, 2008


Title list of the Juice CD
  1. DJ Mixwell - Deluxe DJ Mix sound system
  2. Max Herre - Something's going on
  3. Azad - angry
  4. Separate - angry
  5. Blade - intro
  6. Marsimoto - Green glasses
  7. The Bo - Green Glasses
  8. Ali A $ - Like now
  9. Olli Banjo - milestone
  10. Manuellsen - Hope you understand
  11. Torch - Blow Shit Up
  12. Samy Deluxe - Actually
  13. D-Flame - Actually
  14. Dynamite Deluxe - Boombox
  15. Tua - why!?!

After Dynamite Deluxe appeared in September 2007 at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the hip-hop magazine Juice , the Munich magazine dedicated the cover story to the group in its January / February issue. As part of the cover story, the editors conducted an interview with Samy Deluxe, DJ Dynamite and Tropf and offered Dynamite Deluxe the opportunity to work as guest editors. Samy Deluxe wrote the column The Last Word , which is usually written by the music journalist Falk Schacht . DJ Dynamite interviewed DJ Drama for the 104th edition of Juice .

As part of the release of the album, Dynamite Deluxe members also had the opportunity to design the Juice CD . Samy Deluxe, Tropf and Dynamite called on well-known German hip-hop artists to reinterpret songs from the first album, Deluxe Soundsystem . The interpreters wrote new lyrics on the beats of the first album. Both rappers from the band's immediate environment, such as Das Bo and Manuellsen , as well as artists such as Marsimoto from Berlin are represented on the sound carrier . Furthermore, the piece Boombox by Dynamite Deluxe can be heard on the sound carrier . The CD was mixed by DJ Dynamite and DJ Mixwell.


In February 2008 the members of Dynamite Deluxe went on tour . They named them after the album TNT Tour. The first concert took place on February 6th, 2008 in Lüneburg . On March 5th, the final concert of the 19-city tour was held in Hamburg . During the tour Dynamite Deluxe was accompanied by DJ Haitian Star and the German rapper D-Flame . DJ Haitian Star took over the moderation role and put on records before and after the appearance of Dynamite Deluxe. At the time of the creation of the first album Deluxe Soundsystem, D-Flame was already represented as a back-up rapper by Samy Deluxe at concerts of the group. The close friendship between Samy Deluxe and D-Flame was followed by a few years in which the two musicians, according to Samy Deluxe, grew apart. After the contact had become closer again in 2007, Dynamite Deluxe decided to take the Frankfurter back on tour. The singers Alex Prince and Miss Marx also accompanied the tour. These appeared as background singers .

All of the people involved in the tour are long-time friends of the group. Boris Ekambi worked on the monitor , Stefan “King” Konkel was responsible for the lighting technology and Tropf took over the mixing . In an interview, DJ Dynamite explained the importance of the live performances for the group.

“We are from a time when everything revolved around the live performances: We did the shows first, and then the records. So it was always important to us that the shows were round and that everything sounded sensible - even though we only had salaries of 4,000 DM at the beginning, so you could tell when you also took a soundman with you. But without our knowing it, it was our smartest business move from the start. Thanks to the high quality, we still have a steady stream of visitors today, and that is a cool basis given the unpredictable sales figures. "

- DJ Dynamite across from hip-hop magazine Juice


The artwork for the album was designed by the Hamburg graphic office Typeholics. This was founded in 1998 and has been responsible, among other things, for the design of the logo of the Dynamite Deluxe group and the cover of the Jan Delay album Mercedes Dance . In the case of the TNT cover , the graphic designer Kool Keats designed the front image of the sound carrier.

The cover of TNT shows a breaking block of ice against a black background. The ice is colored blue and the Dynamite Deluxe logo is engraved in the block. When photographing the cover, a block of ice was dropped from a height of three meters. The ice was then taken using chronophotography . The resulting images were not subsequently processed. A total of about 40 photos were taken, each of which shows breaking blocks of ice in different colors. The ice blocks were processed, colored and then transported in Styrofoam containers to Düsseldorf, where the photos for the artwork were taken.



Chart positions
Explanation of the data
  DE 5 02/08/2008 (4 weeks)
  AT 24 02/08/2008 (2 weeks)
  CH 7th 02/10/2008 (4 weeks)

In the seventh calendar week of 2008, TNT entered the German music charts at number five . In the following, the sound carrier initially occupied position 36 and was able to occupy positions 57 and 78 in the following weeks.

In Austria , TNT entered the charts at number 24. The sound carrier was able to stay in the charts there for two weeks. In Switzerland , the album reached number seven on the album charts. After the first week the sound carrier dropped to position 46. In the third week, TNT was 62nd and 85th in fourth.

The first single dynamite! was able to occupy 29th place in the German single charts after the first week of sales . In the two weeks that followed, the sound carrier reached position 64. After the fourth week of sales, Dynamit! still place 81 and in the following week place 88.

The second single Everything stays different also entered the German single charts. There the sound carrier took 71st place in the first week.


Professional reviews
source rating

The reviews of TNT were positive. As an example, this can at the reviews of German hip-hop magazines backspin and Juice by the music magazine and the criticism are shown. The editors of the Juice attest to the sound carrier that it is "up to date" and describe TNT as a "great record". The second studio album by Dynamite Deluxe received five out of a possible six “crowns” in the magazine's review. In its review, the editorial team of Backspin deals with the musical development of Samy Deluxe. In this context, the renewed merger of Dynamite Deluxe is referred to as the "homecoming" of Samy Deluxe. As a result of his musical development, he now embodies things that he has criticized in the past. The productions are given positive mention in all three reviews. According to the Backspin editorial team, these are the ideal “breeding ground” for “Samy's voice, his flows and rhymes”. Furthermore, the " reggae and dancehall influences" that are reflected in the beats of the songs Mein Problem (Take it easy) and Weiter are highlighted as successful. Samy Deluxe's ​​rap performance is also praised in the reviews. According to Dani Fromm, the responsible editor of the e-zine , this is "in top form". The rapper's way of speaking is characterized by “excellently cultivated arrogance”, which also praised.

Dani Fromm criticizes the lyrics of the album negatively. These have little content and go beyond “the usual self-rejection, self-reflective navel gazing and the superfluous 'We're back, look who's there' pose”. According to Fromm, the pieces of music Mein Problem (Take it easy) and Last Song prove to be exceptions to the text . Despite the low content, TNT received four out of a possible five rating points from, as the limited variety of topics was forgivable in view of the good production. The responsible editor of the Backspin also criticizes the texts and notes that some statements by Samy Deluxe were already heard in a similar way on earlier publications. Nevertheless, from the perspective of the backspin , Deluxe is a “Top MC ”.

In contrast to the editorial offices of and Backspin , the Juice magazine praised the versatility of the album and the rapper Samy Deluxe. This combines all the qualities that are necessary for a good rapper. The following are mentioned in the evaluation: "Classic storytelling based on roots reggae (Mein Problem (Take it easy)) , over-clarified boosting via drama synths (The throne is mine) , social criticism via 80s pop (everything stays different) , Party-Arty about auto-tuned mid-nineties dancehall ( next ) . And last but not least, a highly motivated flow review in a cappella (Newcomer of the Year) . ”The Juice editors rate the songs Ab und zu and Boombox negatively . The chorus of the piece is annoying now and then . Boombox doesn't fit into the “context of the album” from the magazine's point of view.

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