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Carl Meisl (born June 30, 1775 in Laibach ; † October 8, 1853 in Vienna ) was an Austrian civil servant and playwright, a contemporary of Johann Nestroy , Franz Xaver Tolds , Josef Alois Gleichs and Josef Kilian Schickhs .


After graduating from high school in Laibach, Meisl went into civil service. He became a Fourier and in the course of time advanced to the kk accounting officer and field war commissioner. The conclusion of his career was the appointment to the accountant of the naval department of the kk Hofkriegsbuchhaltung. As such, he retired in 1840.

Meisl was next to Adolf Bäuerle and Josef Alois Gleich one of the most important representatives of the Viennese folk comedy before Ferdinand Raimund . Meisl also became known for his parodies and travesties of serious dramas and operas.

For the festive reopening of the Josephstadt Theater on October 3, 1822, Meisl wrote the festival play The Consecration of the House , for which Ludwig van Beethoven composed the incidental music.

Carl Meisl died in Vienna in 1853 at the age of 78.



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