The Train (1988)

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German title The train
Original title Lenin: The Train / Il treno di Lenin
Country of production Italy , Germany , France , Austria
Publishing year 1988
length 208 minutes
Director Damiano Damiani
script Damiano Damiani
Fulvio Gicca Palli
production Enrico Bergier
music Nicola Piovani
camera Sebastiano Celeste
cut Enzo Meniconi

The Train is an Italian-French-German-Austrian television film directed by Damiano Damiani from 1988. It was first shown in Germany in February 1990 as a two-part television film.


The plot of the film takes place during the First World War , in 1917. The German Reich is fighting simultaneously on two fronts, in the west and in the east . In this situation, a Russian in exile turns to the German General Staff : Lenin , the Russian revolutionary who lives in exile in Switzerland in Zurich , should be allowed to return to his homeland in order to bring about a successful upheaval in the political conditions in the Russian Empire . The proposal is being implemented. Lenin boarded a special train with a group of exiled revolutionaries and traveled from Switzerland through Germany and Sweden to Petrograd . During the journey of the train , Lenin discussed his political ideas with his fellow passengers.


The film depicts a historical event , Lenin's journey in a sealed car with Inès Armand and Nadeschda Krupskaja from Switzerland to Petrograd.

Unlike in Sergei Jutkewitsch's Lenin in Paris , in which the censors had banned the love story between Lenin and “Inessa”, Damiano Damiani's film is dedicated to this relationship.


“A film staged with great effort and international stars, which endeavors to reconstruct this 'historical train journey' precisely. As Lenin, Ben Kingsley gives a fascinatingly differentiated portrayal. "

On the occasion of the TV first broadcast on ZDF, DER SPIEGEL wroteof a “huge historical ham” with a “Lenin who is constantly discussing”.

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