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legal form GmbH
founding 1977
resolution 1995
Reason for dissolution Inclusion in the SDF group
Seat Lauingen , GermanyGermanyGermany 
Branch Agricultural engineering

History DF

Deutz-Fahr is a German agricultural machinery and tractor brand of the Italian manufacturer SDF (formerly SAME Deutz-Fahr) that has existed since 1977 . The brand emerged from the agricultural technology division of Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz AG (KHD) and the previously independently managed, traditional tractor manufacturer Deutz und Fahr . Deutz-Fahr has been part of the Italian SAME group since 1995.

Agrotron Series 6, Series 7 and Series 9 tractors are produced for the world market at the Lauingen plant , which opened in 2017 under the name Deutz-Fahr Land. Deutz-Fahr invested around 90 million euros in the new plant. With the customer center, the Deutz-Fahr Arena, also newly built in 2017, this represents the company's largest single investment to date.


In 1975 KHD took over the machine works Fahr in Gottmadingen completely, after starting to acquire shares in the company in 1968. From 1975 onwards, KHD marketed various machines separately under the two brand names Deutz and Fahr for a while. In 1977 production began under the newly formed Deutz-Fahr brand . Due to economic difficulties, KHD sold the agricultural machinery division with the Deutz-Fahr brand to the Italian SAME Group (at that time SAME Lamborghini - Hürlimann , then renamed SAME Deutz-Fahr , SDF).


Series 7

In 1978 the new DX series was presented, which with its five and six cylinder diesel engines covered a power range from 80 to 160 hp. From 1980 this series was supplemented downwards by the 07 series, which had two to four-cylinder engines. In 1990 Deutz-Fahr presented the first "clear view" tractor with the AgroXtra series. Two years later, the millionth Deutz or Deutz Fahr tractor rolled off the production line at KHD. In 1995 a new series was presented with the Agrotron . In 1996 tractor production was relocated from Cologne to Lauingen. In the same year the Agroplus series, which was based on the Dorado series from Same, but uses engines from Deutz, was presented. In 2001 the first Agrotron with continuously variable transmission , the Agrotron TTV, was presented. In 2006 the 50,000 tractor rolled off the production line in Lauingen. In 2009 the Agrotrac series was presented at Agritechnica, which is intended for countries with less stringent emissions regulations. This is based on the Same laser series and also uses Same motors.


Combine harvester C9306

From 1982 combine harvesters were manufactured under license by gefertigturo Đaković in Croatia . In 1991, Deutz-Fahr at Agritechnica the new combine harvester series TOPLINER ago. In 2002 the production of combine harvesters at the Lauingen plant was discontinued. Instead, the combine harvesters were now sourced from AGCO from their plant in Randers (Denmark). After this cooperation ended in 2004, combine harvesters were purchased from Sampo Rosenlew . Đuro Đaković's combine harvester plant in Zupanja was taken over by SDF in 2006 and has since been expanded to become the Group's own combine harvester plant. In the previous year 146 combine harvesters were produced in this plant. Through a cooperation with the Argentine Vassalli Fabril , the first Deutz-Fahr brand rotary combine was presented at EIMA 2008 . Since then, Deutz-Fahr has steadily expanded its combine harvester portfolio - from the compact C5000 to the C9300.

Telescopic handlers

In 2004 the Deutz-Fahr Agrovector, a telehandler, was presented. The series was produced in collaboration with JLG Industries . The cooperation ends on October 1, 2017.

Grassland technology

Deutz-Fahr loader wagon K 7.39

Grassland technology came to the Deutz-Fahr network via Fahr. In 1988 the decision was made to sell the grassland area with the plant in Gottmadingen to Greenland. Deutz-Fahr kept corresponding machines on offer. First they were obtained from Greenland, later from Kverneland after Kverneland took over Greenland . Drum mowers and presses were purchased from Kuhn from September 2010 , as Kuhn acquired the Geldrop press plant from Kverneland, including its patents. The disc mowers, tedders and rakes were still built by Kverneland until September 2017. The license agreement with Kverneland expired on September 1, 2017. From 2006 to 2017 the Deutz-Fahr brand grassland machines were built in the Kverneland plant in Kerteminde .

More machines

Deutz-Fahr giant

Deutz-Fahr tried again and again to expand its product range. In 1989 the self-propelled grass mower Grasliner was presented. The self-propelled baling press PowerPress followed in 1994 and two years later the forage harvester Gigant 400 . These vehicles could not establish themselves on the market, however, the production of all three series was stopped in the 1990s.

Market share

In Germany, Deutz-Fahr achieved a market share of 12.3% in the field of tractors from 51 hp in 2012 and is therefore third behind John Deere (first place) and Fendt (second place). In Austria, Deutz-Fahr ranks 7th in the registration statistics in 2012 with a market share of 5.7%. In Switzerland, Deutz-Fahr ranked fourth in 2012 with a market share of 9.5%.



(see also: Deutz (tractors) for the tractor construction of Deutz AG in the period from 1907 to 1977)

model series Publishing year
Deutz " plow locomotive" and " automobile plow " 1907
Deutz tractor 1919
MTH and MTZ 1927
Deutz F2M 315 28 HP 1934
Deutz F3M 317 45 hp 1935
Deutz F1M 414 11 hp 1936
514 1950
612 1953
Deutz F2L514 / 4-N 1957
712 1958
D series (D15 - D80) 1959
D-05 (D2505 - D9005) 1965
D-06 (D2506 - D16006, the latter as an articulated handlebar ) 1968
Deutz INTRAC (2002-2006) 1972
DX (DX 85 - DX 160) 1978
D-07 (D2807 - D7807) 1980/81
AgroPrima (DX4.31 - DX6.16) (6.16 only from '93) 1989
AgroXtra (DX3.57 - DX6.17) 1991
AgroStar (DX4.61 - DX6.81) 1990
Agrotron (80-265) 1995
Agrotron TTV (610 - 630) 2003
Agrotron K (K90 - K120) 2006
Agroplus (320 - 420) 2002
Agrokid ( 210-230 ) 2000
Agrofarm ( 410-430 ) 2007
Agrotron X (X710 - X720) 2007
Agrotron TTV (TTV610 - TTV630) 2007
Agrotron TTV (TTV 410 - 430) 2011
Agrotron K (K410, K420, K430, K610) 2007
Agrotron M (M410 - 420, M615 and M625, M600 - M650) 2008
Agrofarm TTV 2008
Agro XXL 1630 2009
Agrolux 2010
Series 7 2012
Series 6 2012
Series 5 2012
Series 9 2015
Series 4E, 5DS / DV / DF TTV, 5G TB 2018

Further products

In addition to tractors, grassland technology products such as balers and drum mowers are also sold under the Deutz-Fahr brand . The SDF Group also produces its own combine harvesters of the C5000, C6000, C7000, C9000 and C9300 series in its own plant in Croatia.


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