Dinotopia (TV series)

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German title Dinotopia
Original title Dinotopia
Country of production USA ,
England ,
original language English
Publishing year 2002
length 250 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Marco Brambilla
script Simon Moore ,
James Gurney (novel)
production William P. Cartlidge ,
Dusty Symonds
music Trevor Jones
camera Tony Pierce-Roberts
cut Oral Norrie Ottey

Dinotopia is a three-part mini - series from 2002 based on a series of novels by the American author and illustrator James Gurney . On the basis of the mini-series broadcast on ABC in May 2002 (German first broadcast: November 5, 2002, RTL ), a television series was also created, which was discontinued after six episodes had been broadcast.


In a plane crash in the sea, the separated half-brothers Karl and David are separated from their father. You will be washed up on an island that turns out to be Dinotopia .

Dinotopia is a technically backward piece of land that has remained completely undiscovered by today's world, although it is several square kilometers in size. The dinosaurs are not yet extinct in this part of the world and even have the ability to speak. Dinotopia's politics are based on the basic communist ideas and give the people and dinosaurs who coexist in it the opportunity to live in harmony with one another.

The energy of Dinotopia is fed by the brightly shining sun stones, but their energy is running out. The third part of the film is therefore about the search for new sunstones.

Other storylines are:

  • The love triangle between David, Karl and Marion, who is drawn to both.
  • The adaptation of the two brothers
    1. David learns to be bolder and more confident while learning to fly pterosaurs.
    2. Karl learns to be more caring when he is entrusted with a baby dinosaur.

1st chapter

The first part mainly describes how Karl and David get stranded on the island and settle in. They first get to know Cyrus Crabb, an ominous archaeologist, then Marion, the daughter of the mayor of Waterfall City and thus successor in the political system, and finally Zippo, a bipedal dinosaur, who offer them their friendship.

It is gradually becoming apparent that Karl wants to disappear from the island, while David is very willing to get used to Dinotopia in order to live there permanently. Karl is encouraged by Cyrus to steal a book from a public library, allegedly in order to get him off the island.

The argument between Karl and David escalates into a fight in which they both fall into a river and are washed away. But they survive and are brought back to Waterfall City by Marion and Zippo.

Part 2

The four friends arrive in Widaba, where Marion's mother, Rosemary, is the matriarch (leader of the local community). There they are supposed to help with field work. The communist motive quickly becomes clear here when Karl does not voluntarily agree to help. Zippo leaves the group to report their discovery in Waterfall City.

David recovers very quickly, but is not happy about the news that Karl and Marion get to know each other better and get together very quickly. However, Karl is still offended by the rules that the matriarch imposes on him.

The matriarch assigns their duties to the brothers: David becomes a dinosaur pilot and Karl is assigned to a hatchery. Marion accompanies David to study the pterosaurs.

On the subject of communism

The idea of ​​the communist principle is backlit with the help of the characters Cyrus and Karl, who are referred to as "free spirits". They are almost in contrast to David and Marion, who support Dinotopia's sense of community. The film clearly shows his position by letting Cyrus die at the end and Karl change his mind.



"Dinotopia" received an Emmy in 2002 and was nominated in five other categories.


  • Best special effects


  • Best equipment
  • Best costume design
  • Best hair styling
  • Best mask
  • Best miniseries

Television series

Television series
Original title Dinotopia
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2002-2003
length 44 minutes
Episodes 13 in 1 season
genre Drama , fantasy
idea James Gurney (novel)
music Trevor Jones
First broadcast November 28, 2002 (USA) on ABC

Due to the success of the three-part miniseries, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) ordered a regular hour-long television series. To save the budget, new actors were hired for the series and the shooting was relocated to Hungary. Due to delays in production, the series did not start as planned in September, but only at the end of November 2002. After the already very subdued start, the number of viewers steadily declined, so that only six episodes were broadcast before ABC took the series out of the program in late December .

As contractually agreed, however, 13 episodes were completed, all of which were broadcast by licensees abroad, among others. In January 2004, Artisan Entertainment released the complete series on DVD in the US and Canada.

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