Providencia District

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Providencia District
Basic data
Country Peru
region Amazon
province LuyaTemplate: Infobox administrative unit / maintenance / other
Seat Providencia
surface 71.2 km²
Residents 1316 (2017)
density 18 inhabitants per km²
founding June 18, 1987
ISO 3166-2 PE-AMA
Alcalde District Wild Puerta Vásquez
The Church of Providencia
The Church of Providencia

Coordinates: 6 ° 17 ′ 52 "  S , 78 ° 14 ′ 24"  W

The Providencia district is one of the 23 Peruvian districts that the luya province in the region Amazon form. The district has an area of ​​71.22 km². The population was 1316 at the 2017 census. The district administration is located in the village of Providencia.

Providencia is located in a very hot area, on the slope above the Marañón river .

There are numerous ruins of the Chachapoya people in the Providencia district . To get to Providencia you have to drive to Ocallí and walk from there, Providencia itself has no access to the road.

The village festival in Providencia takes place on July 17th . The Providencia district is part of the Ocallí parish.

Most of the district's residents make a living from growing coffee and coca .

Geographical location

In the north, the Providencia district borders on the Pisuquía district , the Camporredondo district and the Ocallí district , in the east on the Ocumal district and in the southwest on the Choropampa district .

Villages and homesteads in the Providencia district

  • Providencia
  • Huingo
  • Gramalote
  • San Antonio
  • Cruz Lomas
  • Lima Yacu
  • El Carmelo
  • Nuevo Chota
  • Hondul
  • Las Palmas
  • San Pedro
  • La Playa Jumith
  • Trapichepampa
  • Chirapa
  • Huidac
  • La Libertad

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