Inguilpata District

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Inguilpata District
Basic data
Country Peru
region Amazon
province LuyaTemplate: Infobox administrative unit / maintenance / other
Seat Inguilpata
surface 118 km²
Residents 498 (2017)
density 4.2 inhabitants per km²
founding October 21, 1942
ISO 3166-2 PE-AMA
Alcalde District Geiner Zagaceta Zagaceta

Coordinates: 6 ° 15 ′  S , 78 ° 2 ′  W

The Inguilpata district is located in the Luya Province in the Amazonas region in northern Peru . In the 2017 census, the population was 498. In 1993 the district still had 978 inhabitants, in 2007 it had 694.

Geographical location

Inguilpata is located in the high Andes of northern Peru . In the north, the Inguilpata district borders on the Lonya Chico district , in the east on the Chachapoyas district (Peru) , in the south on the Colcamar and Ocumal districts and in the west on the Ocallí district .

The village festival in Inguilpata takes place on August 30th.

The majority of the houses are in the high mountains, a few also on the banks of the Utcubamba River .

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