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The EU championships (not to be confused with the European championships and the European games ) are European boxing competitions and are organized by the European boxing association, the European Boxing Confederation . Only countries that belong to the European Union and countries that are candidate countries for the European Union are eligible to participate .

The championship consists of a preliminary round, a quarter final, a semi-final and a final (exception: in 2009 there was no preliminary round for women only). The two losing semi-finalists each receive bronze.

The men's competitions were held annually from 2003 to 2009. Competitions were not held again until 2014 in the Bulgarian capital Sofia . The women's competitions were held annually from 2006 to 2011. The next tournament took place in 2013 in Keszthely , Hungary .

With four gold medals, the Bulgarian bantamweight Detelin Dalakliew is the most successful participant to date (he won these medals in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2009).

Known tournament winners

The most famous tournament winners include Selçuk Aydın , Bülent Ulusoy , Jérôme Thomas , Detelin Dalakliew , Domenico Valentino , Boris Georgiew , Marian Simion , Kubrat Pulew , Roberto Cammarelle , Clemente Russo , Pál Bedák , Billy Saunders , David Price and Denis Makarov .

Men's competitions

No. year place country items
1 2003 Strasbourg FranceFrance France Details
2 2004 Madrid SpainSpain Spain Details
3 2005 Cagliari ItalyItaly Italy Details
4th 2006 Pécs HungaryHungary Hungary Details
5 2007 Dublin IrelandIreland Ireland Details
6th 2008 Władysławowo PolandPoland Poland Details
7th 2009 Odense DenmarkDenmark Denmark Details
8th 2014 Sofia BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria Details
9 2018 Valladolid SpainSpain Spain Details

Women's competitions

No. year place country items
1 2006 Porto Torres ItalyItaly Italy Details
2 2007 Lille FranceFrance France Details
3 2008 Liverpool United KingdomUnited Kingdom United Kingdom Details
4th 2009 Pazardzhik BulgariaBulgaria Bulgaria Details
5 2010 Keszthely HungaryHungary Hungary Details
6th 2011 Katowice PolandPoland Poland Details
7th 2013 Keszthely HungaryHungary Hungary Details

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