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Ems stands for:


  • Ems , river to the North Sea through the Dollart in northern Westphalia and western Lower Saxony
  • Ems (Eder) , left tributary of the Eder near Böddiger, town of Felsberg, Schwalm-Eder district, Hesse
  • Ems or Emsbach , left tributary of the Lahn near Eschhofen, City of Limburg an der Lahn, Limburg-Weilburg district, Hesse


  • Ems Rock off the north coast of South Georgia in the South Atlantic


EMS stands for:

ems stands for:

EMS is an abbreviation for:

E²MS stands for:

EMS stands for:

  • EMS , Austrian punk / hardcore band

EmS stands for:

ems stands for:

  • Alutiiq (ISO-639-3 code), language of the Yupik language group, Eskimo language of the indigenous Yupik

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