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Boarding school at Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium
type of school high school
School number 166418
founding 1880

Königswinterer Str. 534

place Bonn
country North Rhine-Westphalia
Country Germany
Coordinates 50 ° 43 '4 "  N , 7 ° 9' 34"  E Coordinates: 50 ° 43 '4 "  N , 7 ° 9' 34"  E
carrier Kalkuhl / Heel families
student 651
Teachers 48
management Ulrich Drescher
Boarding school office and middle house of the EKG (2011)
Postcard Kalkuhl Institute , around 1900

The private Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium (EKG) is a high school with day boarding in Bonn - Oberkassel .


In 1880 Ernst Kalkuhl (1849–1918) from Remscheid , after having gained experience in private schools as a teacher in England and France himself, decided to set up his own school for boys in Oberkassel near Bonn, the then "Institut Kalkuhl" , which then received its state recognition in 1891. Ernst Kalkuhl's son-in-law, Franz Heel from Nuremberg , took over the management of the school in 1916 and, in 1918, after the death of Ernst Kalkuhl, the school administration. He kept it until his death in 1957. In the Weimar Republic , in 1924, the then Oberrealschule received the right to take the Abitur in-house with full state recognition.

Finally, in 1951, the school was given the same name as all public grammar schools in the country with the designation "State-approved high school". The son of Franz Heel and Alma Heel (née Kalkuhl), Karl-Ferdinand Heel, took over the school from his father in 1957. As director of studies, he ran the boarding school. Since the school had meanwhile grown to over 600 students - co-education was introduced in the school and boarding school in 1972 - it was decided to entrust the management of the grammar school to selected senior directors. After the death of Karl-Ferdinand Heel in 2001, his sons Ernst-Martin Heel and Franz Christoph Heel took over the school sponsorship in a civil law company, with the director of studies Ernst-Martin Heel, who also runs the boarding school, in an executive role.

Most of the school and boarding school buildings are listed .


According to their own information, 651 students attend the school (48% female, 52% male), who are taught by a total of 48 teachers (2020). There are 29 students in each of the half-day classes. The day school and boarding school classes start with 15 to 20 students. The headmaster is Ulrich Drescher. The school receives grants from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Educational work, equipment and offers

At the beginning of the 2005/06 school year a special “day and boarding school class” (grades 5–9) was founded. The integration of students from foreign nations has been part of the principle of school and boarding school since the founding years. In addition to English, French and Latin, Spanish is also taught. As an experimental school, sport is offered as a 4th Abitur subject. Among other things, lessons in choir and orchestra as well as a chess group are offered. There are competition teams in the student rowing club (SRV). Colorful group camps are organized and ski courses have been held for over 30 years in cooperation with the Alpenwaldhütte in Kleinwalsertal. The Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium is helping to set up the school “École Notre Dame de la Médaille Miraculeuse” in Cap-Haïtien in Haiti together with the association “Integer - the whole world e. V. “from Bonn.

Well-known students at the Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium


The Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium maintains a student exchange with the

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