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Friedrich von Bodenstedt (ca.1860)
Memorial for Friedrich von Bodenstedt in the Nerotalanlagen , Wiesbaden
Monument on the market square in Peine, Andreas Krämmer , 2001
Einkehr und Umschau, 4th edition, Jena 1878
The songs of Mirza-Schaffy , lover miniature edition, Berlin 1883

Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt (born April 22, 1819 in Peine , † April 18, 1892 in Wiesbaden ) was a German writer and theater director.


Bodenstedt was the son of the Peiner brewer August Friedrich Bodenstedt (1783-1850) and his wife Johanne Dorothee, nee. Düvel (1787-1872). After completing a business apprenticeship in Braunschweig, Bodenstedt studied philosophy and philology at the University of Göttingen . In 1840 he went to Moscow as a teacher , where he learned Russian and in 1843 to Tbilisi , where he was introduced to the languages ​​of the Caucasus region by the Azerbaijani poet Mirzə Şəfi Vazeh (1794-1852) . In 1846 he returned to Germany. He experienced the events in Vienna in 1848 and described them very vividly later in his memoirs. He then went on a trip to Italy and did journalistic work in Trieste , Bremen and Kassel . From 1854 he was Professor of Slavic Studies and Old English in Munich . Soon afterwards he went to England, where he studied Shakespeare and his works from 1858 and published a Shakespeare work in three volumes. Because of his Shakespeare studies, he became director of the court theater in Meiningen in 1867 . He hired the actress Ellen Franz , who would later become the wife of Duke Georg II and Baroness von Heldburg, whereupon he was ennobled by the "Theater Duke ".

After his engagement in Meiningen he lived temporarily in Altona and Berlin before he settled in Wiesbaden from 1878 until his death. He went on a lecture tour through the United States and published writings. He found his final resting place in the north cemetery in Wiesbaden.


His songs by Mirza Schaffy (1851) were a great success; After their first publication (with translations) they had over 160 editions. In a statistical analysis, Ludwig Ammann comes to the conclusion that The Songs of Mirza Schaffy was the most successful and popular orientalist publication of the 19th century. They first appeared as "Hegire" from the turmoil of 1848 in the book A Thousand and One Days in the Orient (1850), in which Bodenstedt describes his travel experiences in Caucasus and Armenia. In the collection of songs from Mirza Schaffy's estate (1874, 17th edition 1891), Bodenstedt explains how his poems were created.

Collected writings (Berlin 1862):

  • Volume 1-3. A thousand and one days in the Orient.
  • Volumes 4-7. Russian poets translated: Pushkin , Lermontow , Kolzow etc.
  • Volume 8. William Shakespeare 's Sonnets
  • Volume 9-11. Old and new poems.
  • Volume 12. From East and West

all volumes online at

  • Album of German Art and Poetry. With woodcuts based on the artist's original drawings, made by R. Brend'amour. Edited by Friedrich Bodenstedt. - Berlin: Grote, 1867. Digitized edition of the University and State Library Düsseldorf
  • From the Atlantic to the Pacific . Reprint of the original from 1882. Salzwasser-Verlag, Paderborn 2012, ISBN 978-3-86444-442-5 .
  • Memories from my life . Two volumes, Berlin 1888 and 1890.

A complete bibliography of the individual editions of Bodenstedt's works can be found at Wikisource (with links to digital copies).


The sculptor Hugo Berwald created a larger than life bust for the spa gardens in Wiesbaden, which was unveiled on April 23, 1904 on a pedestal in front of which two figures of children reach up to the poet Rosen from below. From the southeastern end of the spa park, Bodenstedtstrasse leads to Bierstadter Strasse.

In 1901, the Bodenstedtstrasse in his native Peine was named after him, in 1909 Bodenstedtstrasse in Hanover's Südstadt and in 1933 Bodenstedtgasse in Vienna- Floridsdorf (21st district). In Peine, where he also has an honorary citizenship , there is also a Bodenstedt School (today part of the Bodenstedt / Wilhelm School ).


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