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Fritz Erik Hoevels (born January 6, 1948 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German psychoanalyst , publicist , translator , head and activist of the Bund against Adaptation, which is often referred to as a political sect .



Hoevels, son of the Frankfurt doctor Fritz Werner Hoevels, attended the Leibniz-Gymnasium in Frankfurt-Höchst and from 1966 studied Latin and German at the University of Freiburg . At the beginning of his studies, Hoevels joined the SDS and was soon active as its “widely traveled functionary”. After a student action that resulted in a criminal complaint from the rector, Hoevels apologized to him and asked for the complaint to be withdrawn, which isolated him from the SDS.

After completing his studies, he did not find a scientific job and began a second degree (psychology) in 1975, which he completed with a diploma in 1980. At the same time, he obtained his doctorate in 1977 with the dissertation Fairy Tales and Magic in the Metamorphoses of Apuleius of Madaura and dealt intensively with Freudian psychoanalysis . Hoevels then settled as a practicing psychoanalyst in Freiburg / Br. low. In 1983 he founded the magazine system ubw , which describes itself as "the only magazine in the unadulterated tradition of Sigmund Freud".


Hoevels sees himself in the history of ideas in the tradition of the materialistic enlightenment . The most important thinkers for him are Marx , Engels , Lenin and Trotsky as representatives of Marxism , and both Sigmund Freud as the founder of psychoanalysis and Wilhelm Reich, who was excluded from the International Psychoanalytic Association by Freud . Hoevels' book Marxism, Psychoanalysis, Politics presents the approach of Reich's Freudomarxism updated for discussion, while his work Wilhelm Reich's contribution to psychoanalysis deals in detail with the writings of Reich. "Reich is rightly emphasized [in it] as the psychoanalyst who most clearly [...] has shown the social causes and consequences of the development of neuroses." ( Hans-Joachim Maaz ). In this area, which is far removed from the political skirmishes of the day, a fundamental theoretical controversy arose in 2001 with Bernd A. Laska , who at the moment is probably the only Reichian publisher besides Hoevels who excludes Reich's organ theory.

For the 2013 federal elections, Hoevels recommended voting for the NPD with the first vote and the Pirate Party with the second vote. He justifies this primarily with considerations of election tactics, describing the NPD's program as "either foolish or, for the most part, simply sucks" .

The association of those persecuted by the Nazi regime counts the group "Bund against Adaptation", whose spiritus rector Hoevels is considered to be the "right wing". In 1992 this group had campaigned for the state elections in Baden-Württemberg for a critical alliance with the party The Republicans against the " SPCDU cartel ".

Political journalism

Hoevels has emerged as a political publicist since the 1970s - as a publisher, author and editor of numerous books and through regular articles in the journal Ketzerbriefe, which he founded . He was the initiator of the Freiburg Marxist-Reichist Initiative , which, under the name of Bunte Liste Freiburg, temporarily provided a representative on the local city council and also operated as the Bund against Adjustment and the Red Forum . Hoevels himself and these organizations, which he shaped to a large extent, went public with numerous events, publications and leaflets on controversial topics, including AIDS , overpopulation , leaving the church , Scientology , Republicans , Saddam Hussein , North Korea . In doing so, they often took a position that was sharply rejected even by groups with which there was agreement with regard to criticism of religion, for example the International Union of Non-Denominational and Atheists (IBKA) . The IBKA not only criticizes positions in terms of content, but also the "expectation of salvation of religious sects" that Hoevels and his followers have and tried to awaken in the audience.

The commissioner for sects and ideological questions in the diocese of Dresden-Meißen, Gerald Kluge, also assesses the Bund against Adaptation as a political sect with Hoevels as a “thought leader and leading figure”. The ideology commissioner of the Protestant regional church of Württemberg and member of the inquiry commission for sects of the Bundestag, Hansjörg Hemminger, comes to a similar view . He explicitly mentions the Bund against Adaptation when he states : “... with several master figures, however, the therapy community did not develop towards openness and autonomy. Rather, the exclusivity of the group, their sense of mission and their tendency to collectively grew ”.

In addition to his work as an author and lecturer, Hoevels translated several works by the British classical scholar and librarian of Leo Baeck College , Hyam Maccoby , as well as the main work of the Indian historian and Islamic critic Jaya Gopal. On his own website, Hoevels campaigns against what he calls the “propaganda tax” for radio broadcasts .


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