Football district league Cottbus

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GDR district league Cottbus
Association German Football Association
First edition 1952
hierarchy 3rd league
Teams 10-16
Record champions BSG activist Brieske-Ost (7)
^ GDR League (II)
1955-63: II. DDR League (III)
↓ District classes (IV)

The GDR district league Cottbus was one of fifteen third-rate football district leagues in the field of the DFV .


In 1952 the previous federal states were dissolved through an administrative reform in the GDR , and 14 districts and East Berlin took their place . The DFV then dissolved the national soccer leagues and founded the 15 district leagues as the third division in the league system. The clubs from the Cottbus regional football league previously played predominantly in the Brandenburg regional football class in 1951/52 .

The Cottbus district league was played in a round-robin tournament. In the first three seasons twelve teams played for the district championship. After the introduction of the 2nd GDR League in 1955, the Cottbus district league was only fourth class. From the season 1961/62 the district championship was held in two seasons of 13 teams each, the winners of both seasons played the district champions in two finals. With the dissolution of the second GDR league, the district leagues were from now on again in third class. In 1963/64 the number of teams per relay was increased by one. From 1964/65 the league was played in a group again, from the season 1966/67 the number of 16 participating teams, which was maintained until the end, was reached.

After the reunification of Germany , the resolution of the DFV was resolved at an Extraordinary Association Day on November 20, 1990 in Leipzig. The Brandenburg League was set up as a successor league as early as the 1991/92 season .

District league champions

season District champion Cottbus
1952/53 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1953/54 Chemie Weißwasser-West
1954/55 BSG locomotive Cottbus
1955 BSG activist Welzow
1956 BSG Chemie Schwarzheide
1957 BSG activist Laubusch
1958 BSG activist Welzow
1959 BSG activist Black Pump
1960 BSG construction Großräschen
1961/62 BSG Chemie Schwarzheide
1962/63 SG Dynamo Cottbus
1963/64 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1964/65 BSG activist Black Pump
1965/66 BSG activist Welzow
1966/67 BSG activist Black Pump
1967/68 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1968/69 BSG activist Black Pump
1969/70 BSG activist Black Pump
1970/71 BSG activist Black Pump a
1971/72 BSG construction Großräschen
1972/73 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1973/74 BSG locomotive Cottbus
1974/75 BSG Energie Cottbus II
1975/76 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1976/77 BSG Energie Cottbus II b
1977/78 TSG Lübbenau
1978/79 BSG Energie Cottbus II b
1979/80 TSG Lübbenau
1980/81 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1981/82 BSG locomotive Cottbus
1982/83 Chemistry Döbern
1983/84 TSG Elsterwerda
1984/85 BSG locomotive Cottbus
1985/86 BSG Chemie Guben
1986/87 BSG activist Brieske-Ost
1987/88 BSG Chemie Guben
1988/89 BSG Chemie Guben
1989/90 Up Mühlberg
1990/91 Chemistry Döbern
aThe BSG activist Black Pump were demoted to the district league after the 2nd day of the GDR soccer league in 1970/71 . They violated the statutes of the DTSB as well as the resolutions of the DFV, in which they obtained "unjustified advantages" over other football sections through "inadmissible material donations".
bSince the first team was already playing in the GDR league, BSG Energie Cottbus II was not allowed to advance. The vice-champion Dynamo Lübben rose.

Record champions

The record champion of the Cottbus district league is the BSG activist Brieske-Ost, which won the district championship seven times.

society title year
Brieske-Senftenberg BSG activist I.svg BSG activist Brieske-Ost 7th 1953, 1964, 1968, 1973, 1976, 1981, 1987
Activist black pump hoyerswerda.svg BSG activist Black Pump 6th 1959, 1965, 1967, 1969, 1970, 1971
BSG Locomotive Cottbus.svg BSG locomotive Cottbus 4th 1955, 1974, 1982, 1985
BSG activist Welzow (1951-1990) .png BSG activist Welzow 3 1955, 1958, 1966
Old logo FC Energie Cottbus.svg BSG Energie Cottbus II 3 1975, 1977, 1979
BSG Chemie W.-P.-St.  Guben.svg BSG Chemie Guben 3 1986, 1988, 1989
Bsg-chemie-schwarzheide.gif BSG Chemie Schwarzheide 2 1956, 1962
Dfs wl ddr grossraeschen construction bsg.gif BSG construction Großräschen 2 1960, 1972
Dfs wl ddr luebbenau tsg.gif TSG Lübbenau 2 1978, 1980
Sports Association Chemie.svg BSG Chemie Döbern 2 1983, 1991
Chemie Weißwasser-West 1 1954
BSG activist Laubusch.png BSG activist Laubusch 1 1957
Sports Association Dynamo standard.svg SG Dynamo Cottbus 1 1963
Dfs wl ddr elsterwerda tsg.gif TSG Elsterwerda 1 1984
Up Mühlberg 1 1990

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