Gelsor Open Romania 2000 / singles

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Single tournament of Gelsor Open Romania set up 2000 . The defending champion was the Spaniard Alberto Martín .

Seeding list

No. player Round reached

01. ArgentinaArgentina Mariano Puerta 2nd round
02. MoroccoMorocco Karim Alami 1 round
03. AustriaAustria Stefan Koubek 1 round
04th SpainSpain Francisco Clavet 1 round
No. player Round reached
05. SwedenSweden Magnus Gustafsson 2nd round

06th SpainSpain Alberto Martín Quarter finals

07th SpainSpain Albert Portas Quarter finals

08th. SpainSpain Alex Calatrava Semifinals

Main round

Explanation of symbols

  • r = retired
  • d = disqualification
  • where = walkover


1 round   2nd round   Quarter finals   Semifinals   final
1  ArgentinaArgentina M. Puerta 6th 6th                        
WC  RomaniaRomania R. Sabau 2 2   1  ArgentinaArgentina M. Puerta 4th 4th
 SpainSpain J. Balcells 6th 6th      SpainSpain J. Balcells 6th 6th  
Q  BrazilBrazil A. Simoni 2 4th        SpainSpain J. Balcells 7th 4th 6th
 SpainSpain S. Bruguera 4th 6th 6th   7th  SpainSpain A. Portas 5 6th 2  
 ArgentinaArgentina G. Etlis 6th 3 2    SpainSpain S. Bruguera 4th 6 4  
7th  SpainSpain A. Portas 7th 6th   7th  SpainSpain A. Portas 6th 7th  
 AustraliaAustralia R. Fromberg 5 3      SpainSpain J. Balcells 6th 6th
 SpainSpain J. Alonso 7th 6th   Q  GermanyGermany M.-K. Goellner 4th 4th  
3  AustriaAustria S. Koubek 5 0    SpainSpain J. Alonso 2 2  
 SpainSpain G. Blanco 7th 6th    SpainSpain G. Blanco 6th 6th  
 BulgariaBulgaria O. Stanoichev 5 3      SpainSpain G. Blanco 2 6th 4th
Q  GermanyGermany M.-K. Goellner 4th 6th 6th   Q  GermanyGermany M.-K. Goellner 6th 3 6th  
 GermanyGermany D. Elsner 6th 1 0   Q  GermanyGermany M.-K. Goellner 7th 7th  
5  SwedenSweden M. Gustafsson 7th 7th   5  SwedenSweden M. Gustafsson 5 6 5  
WC  RomaniaRomania I. Moldovan 5 4th      SpainSpain J. Balcells 6th 3 7th
6th  SpainSpain A. Martín 6th 6th    GermanyGermany M. Hantschk 4th 6th 6 1
 Costa RicaCosta Rica J. Marín 4th 0   6th  SpainSpain A. Martín 0 6th 6th  
 BelgiumBelgium C. Rochus 6th 6th    BelgiumBelgium C. Rochus 6th 4th 4th  
 SpainSpain D. Sánchez 2 3     6th  SpainSpain A. Martín 1 6th 2
 GermanyGermany M. Hantschk 6th 6th    GermanyGermany M. Hantschk 6th 4th 6th  
 RomaniaRomania A. Voinea 3 3    GermanyGermany M. Hantschk 6th 6th  
WC  RomaniaRomania D. Pescariu 4th 6th 6th   2  RomaniaRomania D. Pescariu 3 2  
4th  SpainSpain F. Clavet 6th 3 4th      GermanyGermany M. Hantschk 6th 6th
8th  SpainSpain A. Calatrava 6th 6th     8th  SpainSpain A. Calatrava 4th 1  
 ArgentinaArgentina H. Gumy 3 1   8th  SpainSpain A. Calatrava 6th 3 7th  
 GermanyGermany J. Knippschild 7th 6th    GermanyGermany J. Knippschild 2 6th 5  
 SpainSpain E. Benfele Álvarez 6 3 3     8th  SpainSpain A. Calatrava 6th 4th
Q  GermanyGermany M. Kohlmann 6th 6th    BrazilBrazil F. Meligeni 3 0 r  
 GermanyGermany J. Herm-Záhlava 1 3   Q  GermanyGermany M. Kohlmann 1 r  
 BrazilBrazil F. Meligeni 7th 6th    BrazilBrazil F. Meligeni 4th  
2  MoroccoMorocco K. Alami 5 3    

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