Taxenbach judicial district

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Former judicial district Taxenbach
Map of the judicial district of Taxenbach
District Court Salzburg Regional Court
Basic data
state Salzburg
district Zell am See
Seat of the court Taxenbach
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competent regional court  Salzburg
surface 420.55 km 2  (2018)
Residents 8,318  (2003)
Dissolved January 1, 2003
Assigned to Saalfelden , Zell am See

The judicial district Taxenbach was a district court subordinate to the District Court Taxenbach in the state of Salzburg . The judicial district comprised the southwestern part of the Zell am See district and was joined in 2003 to the Saalfelden and Zell am See judicial districts .


The judicial district Taxenbach was created together with 22 other judicial districts in Salzburg by a decree of the kk Oberlandesgericht Linz on July 4th 1850 and originally comprised the 13 tax communities Bucheben , Embach , Eschenau , Rauris , Reith , St. Georgen , Seidwinkl , Sonnberg , Taxenbach , Unterland , board area , Wörtherberg and Wolfbachthal .

In the course of the separation of the political and judicial administration from 1868, the judicial district together with the judicial districts of Lofer , Mittersill , Saalfelden and Zell am See formed the district of Zell am See .

Through the amalgamation of municipalities, the number of municipalities was reduced to the four municipalities of Dienten am Hochkönig , Lend , Rauris and Taxenbach until the second half of the 20th century .

The municipality of St. Georgen with the Reit district had already been merged with the municipality of Bruck an der Großglocknerstrasse in the Zell am See judicial district on January 1, 1939 , and thus left the Taxenbach judicial district.

The Taxenbach judicial district was dissolved by the “Salzburg District Courts Ordinance” passed in 2002 and, as of January 1, 2003, divided between the Saalfelden and Zell am See judicial districts.

Served on the Hochkönig was assigned to the judicial district of Saalfelden; Lend, Rauris and Taxenbach belong to the judicial district of Zell am See.


Before the dissolution, the judicial district of Taxenbach comprised the four communities of Dienten am Hochkönig , Lend , Rauris and Taxenbach .

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