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Hans Ewald Hermann Bellin (born October 7, 1932 in Kolberg , † November 10, 2016 in Biestow ) was a German internist .


Hans Bellin attended an elementary school in Langenhagen from 1939 . In 1943 he moved to a middle school in Kolberg, although he was unable to continue his education from 1945 to 1947 because of the occupation by the Poles. In June 1947 the family moved to Schwerin , where Bellin continued his education. In 1949 he finally went to the Goethe High School , where he graduated from high school in 1953 .

In 1953 Bellin enrolled as a medical student at the University of Rostock . In 1954 he received his preliminary physics course there, the next year the actual physics course and graduated in 1958 with the receipt of the state examination.

In 1959, Bellin completed his compulsory assistant year at the Schwerin district hospital. On March 6 this year, he was from the University of Rostock for doctor of medicine doctorate based on the thesis about the relations of simple and advanced Heredofamiliarität to selected diabetes complications . After the compulsory assistant year, he went to the Institute of Pathology of the district hospital and continued his education. He ended this training in 1963 and was recognized as a specialist in pathological anatomy. In that year he acted as senior physician at the hospital.

In the following year, 1964, Bellin started training as an internist at the Rostock University Clinic and the Polyclinic, which he completed after four years with specialist certification. On November 1, 1970, he was finally appointed senior physician at the Clinic for Internal Medicine.

Bellin was qualified to teach on September 18, 1974. He was subsequently habilitated on November 23, 1977 . On October 1, 1992, he began working as a university lecturer at the Rostock Clinic and Polyclinic. On January 4, 1994 he was granted a renewed license to teach internal medicine and he was hired as a private lecturer . However, between 1992 and the beginning of 1995 he was unable to work due to illness.

Bellin became an adjunct professor at the University of Rostock on May 30, 1997. Only in this year did he hold the professorship.

Bellin was married to the doctor Annemarie Wegner. The marriage resulted in two sons who also became doctors.


Bellin made 67 publications and gave 44 lectures and 133 advanced training lectures. In 1969 he introduced the biopsy of the kidney into practical medicine and in 1975 founded an outpatient group for the heart at the university clinic, which has existed since then. The German Society for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Cardiovascular Diseases , of which he had been a board member since February 1991, awarded him the Pro Corde advancement award on May 9, 1992, and the German Heart Aid Prevention Award on May 10, 1995 .


  • About the relationships of the simple and extended heredo family to selected complications of diabetes . (without location 1958)
  • Systemic arterial hypertension in patients with acquired and congenital heart defects . (1977)


Hans Bellin was the first to describe the kidney biopsy . Nevertheless, the urinary ducts ( collecting pipes ) were not named after him. After Lorenzo Bellini (1643 to 1704) they are also called Ductus Bellini or Tubulus Bellini. Here (in the medullary collecting tubules; medulla renalis) the Bellini duct carcinoma forms as a rare form of renal cell carcinoma .

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