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Hans Howaldt

Hans Howaldt (* 12. November 1888 in Kiel , † 6. September 1970 in Bad Schwartau ) was a German U-boat - commander in World War I , entrepreneurs and offshore racing sailor from the north German family of entrepreneurs Howaldt .


Hans Howaldt was born as the youngest son of the shipyard founder Georg Howaldt and his third wife Helene Bammel. After visiting the Reform-Realgymnasium in Kiel he was on 1 April 1907 midshipman of the Imperial Navy , 1910 Ensign , 1913 Lieutenant and on August 2, 1914 aide on the battleship SMS Elsass . After attending the submarine school in Mürwik , he was transferred to the submarine flotilla Flanders in Zeebrugge in 1916 and was in command of the submarines UC 4 , UB 40 and UB 107 during the submarine war , which under his command were mainly 76 ships in the English Channel around 150,000 tons were sunk. He was awarded the Iron Cross II. And I. Class and was holder of the Hamburg and Lübeck Hanseatic Cross as well as the Knight's Cross of the Royal House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords and the Crown Order IV. Class. On December 23, 1917, Hans Howaldt also received the Pour le Mérite and on January 18, 1918 he became lieutenant captain . After the end of the war he retired from active service.

After several successful start-ups, he became a member of the board and partner of Heinrich Zeiss (Unionzeiss) AG in 1931.

Information board with the results of the Olympic sailing competitions in 1936 at the Düsternbrook sports boat harbor in Kiel, the then "Olympic harbor "

At the 1936 Summer Olympics , he sailed as a helmsman in the crew of the Krupp yacht Germania III off Kiel for Germany, the bronze medal in the races in the international 8- meter class . The silver medal was missed as close as possible to the tie with the Norwegian 8mR yacht Silija . In 1936 Hans Howaldt bought the 8mR yacht Germania II from his crewmate Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach and named it Inga VIII . He had it converted into a sea cruiser and moved it to Berlin on the Wannsee . Towards the end of the war, the yacht burned, probably by arson , in a boat storage facility in Potsdam .

During the Second World War , in 1939, he led the association of mine ships in the Hanseatic city of Danzig of North German Lloyd, which had previously been used in the East Prussian sea service, as the oldest commander, and was then in the high command of the navy , most recently as sea ​​captain z. V., active.

After the war he and his sons devoted himself to rebuilding the family company Heinrich Zeiss KG .


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