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The Heidelberger Stückemarkt is a playwright competition and theater festival that has been held in Heidelberg every May since 1984 . The organizer is the Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra .

The founder was the Heidelberg artistic director Peter Stoltzenberg in 1984 , who organized a themed guest performance festival. Since 1996 this has been changed and expanded in stages by the directors Volkmar Clauß, Günther Beelitz , Peter Spuhler and Holger Schultze . The Heidelberg Play Market is a premiere Festival : guest performances from the entire German-speaking and readings not first performed pieces in the competition for the Author Prize at the Heidelberg Play Market are the two pillars of the program.

The Heidelberger Stückemarkt has continued to develop since it was founded: since 2001, the festival has been supplemented by the introduction of authors and theater productions from a guest country. Since 2012, in addition to world premieres, second and third productions of new plays have been shown and the program has been expanded to include the focus on youth theater. Since 2012, the Heidelberger Stückemarkt has also been cooperating with the Mülheimer Theatertagen NRW through exchange guest performances .

The prices

Author Award

The main prize of the festival, endowed with 10,000 euros, is awarded by a jury in a competition of seven finalists, whose dramatic texts will be presented in a scenic reading at the festival. See the main article author price of the Heidelberger Stückemarkt .

International Author Award

The International Authors' Prize, sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg , is endowed with 5,000 euros and is awarded by the Stückemarkt jury to one of the playwrights in the host country who will present their new plays in readings.

Youth pieces price

Corresponding to the KinderStückePreis of the Mülheimer Theatertage NRW, the jury will select the winner from three youth play productions that can be seen as guest performances at the Heidelberger Stückemarkt. The Stückemarkt jury is advised by an “expert group” of young people. The author of the winning play receives the youth play prize endowed with 6,000 euros, donated by the entrepreneurial couple Bettina Schies and Klaus Korte, and an invitation to the Mülheimer Theatertage NRW


The theater critic Jürgen Berger curates the series 'Nachgespiele', in which the journalist Eva Behrendt awards the prize for the best second or third performance. The undoped prize is linked to an invitation to perform in the supporting program of the Mülheimer Theatertage NRW.

Audience award

All pieces from the international and German-language author competitions are eligible for the Audience Award . The audience has the opportunity to determine a winner by voting in writing after each piece reading. With the award, he receives prize money of 2,500 euros, donated by the Friends of the Heidelberg Theater and Orchestra.

Extra prices

In 2012 and 2014 an additional prize was awarded, the Young Talent Prize, which goes to the piece "And then" by Wolfram Höll (2012) and to the piece "Tanzen! Tanzen!" (2014) by Daniel Förster. In 2011 there was the “Innovation Prize”, which went to Bonn Park for The Sorrows Of The Boy SuperMario in 2D .

For a five-year period from 2001 to 2005, the German-language theater publishers' prize for authors was awarded at the Stückemarkt .

International author award

  • 2019 Ömer Kaçar for Misafir , ( The Guest ; translation from Turkish by Recai Hallaç)
  • 2018 Yeon ok Koh for A Wife's Sensibility (translation from Korean by Jan Creutzenberg)
  • 2017 Olga Mazjupa for eco-ballad (translation from Ukrainian: Lydia Nagel)
  • 2016 Thomas Depryck for Le Réserviste (The Reservist; Translation: Frank Weigand)
  • 2015 Ángel Hernández for Padre fragmentado dentro de una bolsa - dismembered father in a plastic bag
  • 2014 Pipsa Lonka for These little town blues are melting away - songs from the shores of the gray sea
  • 2013 Lena Kitsopoulou for Athanasios Diakos - The Return
  • 2012 Dina Soliman for dolls
  • 2011 Ahmet Sami Özbudak for track

Youth pieces price

Audience award

  • 2019 Ömer Kaçar for Misafir , ( The Guest ; translation from Turkish by Recai Hallaç)
  • 2018 Rinus Silzle for legal highs
  • 2017 Joël László for Lullaby for Baran
  • 2016 Stijn Devillé for Leni and Susan (translated from Dutch by Uwe Dethier)
  • 2015 Ángel Hernández for Padre fragmentado dentro de una bolsa - dismembered father in a plastic bag
  • 2014 Juha Jokela for The Patriarch
  • 2013 Vangelis Hadjiyannidis for On Screen Light
  • 2012 Katja Hensel for Önf - What no number counts on
  • 2011 Rike Reiniger for Gypsy Boxers


Host country

  • 2020 Lithuania
  • 2019 Turkey
  • 2018 South Korea
  • 2017 Ukraine
  • 2016 Belgium
  • 2015 Mexico
  • 2014 Finland
  • 2013 Greece
  • 2012 Egypt
  • 2011 Turkey

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