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Heribert Meffert (born May 11, 1937 in Oberlahnstein ) is a German economist . From 1968 to 2002, Meffert headed the first marketing chair in Germany at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster . From 2002 to 2005 he was Chairman of the Presidium and Executive Board of the Bertelsmann Foundation .


Born in 1937 in Upper Lahnstein, studied Meffert 1956-1961 business administration in Munich before 1964 on relations between the economic cost theory and cost accounting for Dr. rer. oec. (Doctor of Economics) PhD . After his habilitation on the subject of flexibility in business decisions , Meffert was appointed to the chair for business administration at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster in 1969 .

Since the mid-1970s, Meffert has played a key role in the development and reorientation of the marketing department. In addition, he works as an expert and consultant for companies and public institutions, member of supervisory boards and advisory boards of industrial and commercial companies.

Meffert remained loyal to the University of Münster throughout his research life, turning down numerous calls to Frankfurt (1973), Hamburg (1980), Konstanz (1981) and Bern (1986). On July 31, 2002, Heribert Meffert retired from the University of Münster . His successor to the chair is Manfred Krafft .

Meffert supervised 110 doctorates and several habilitations. He continues to teach and research at the University of Münster, among other things in the focus and master's program Marketing and postgraduate Executive Master of Business Administration in Marketing. His extensive book Marketing, Basics of Market-Oriented Management, Concepts - Instruments - Practical Examples is considered a standard work and is required reading at many universities .

Meffert's current projects are primarily concerned with non-profit marketing, networks and current developments in the field in the course of digitization. In 2011 Meffert also founded the AMD network , a medical-social network with the aim of maintaining and improving the quality of life of patients with age-dependent macular degeneration through contacts and information, as a person affected by AMD's visual impairment .


As one of the first professors in Germany Meffert dealt with the field of marketing. He founded the first institute for marketing in Germany at the Westphalian Wilhelms University, of which he was director for many years. The scientist was a founding member of the Scientific Society for Marketing and Management eV In 1999 Meffert founded the Marketing Center Münster (MCM) together with Dieter Ahlert and Klaus Backhaus , and in 1989 the alumni association Marketing Alumni Münster eV

From 1995 to 1997 Meffert took over the scientific management of the newly founded private commercial college Leipzig (HHL) in addition to his work in Münster , where he held the chair for marketing management. He was also a visiting professor at several universities in the United States , including the Marketing Science Institute (MSI), Cambridge (Massachusetts) .

The main research areas of the “Marketing Pope” are general marketing and corporate management, brand management, environmental management, international management and transport service marketing.

Meffert was a member of the supervisory boards of several corporations, including BASF Coatings , Henkel and Kaufhof . During his time as chairman of the executive board (2002–2004) and chairman of the executive board (2005) of the non-profit Bertelsmann Foundation , he was particularly committed to corporate social responsibility. As the patron of the Weitblick student initiative, Heribert Meffert is committed to worldwide fair access to education and was active on the advisory board of the Reinhard Mohn Institute for Management and Corporate Governance at the University of Witten / Herdecke .

honors and awards

The recognition for Meffert's services in the field of marketing is shown in numerous prizes, medals and honorary doctorates . Beyond his area of ​​expertise, Meffert is committed to assuming economic, economic and social responsibility.

The city of Münster z. B. awarded him the Paulusplaquette on September 8, 2006 during the Münster Future Talks for his long-term commitment as a consultant in city management - the city's highest honor after honorary citizenship.

Further honors and awards in the order in which they were presented:


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