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Irina Liebmann (born July 23, 1943 in Moscow ) is a German writer .


Irina Liebmann was born in Moscow as the daughter of the emigrated German journalist Rudolf Herrnstadt and his wife Valentina, a Russian Germanist from Siberia . In 1945 the family returned to Germany and settled in East Berlin , where their father helped build up the press in the Eastern Zone until he lost all offices in 1953 for criticizing the SED's policies and was expelled from the party.

Irina Liebmann attended schools in Berlin , Merseburg and Halle (Saale) , which she left with the Abitur in 1961 . She then studied Sinology in Leipzig ; she completed her studies in 1966 with a diploma. From 1967 to 1975 she was an editor at the magazine German Foreign Policy ; From 1975 onwards, now as a freelance writer , she first wrote reports for the Ost-Berliner Wochenpost , but also radio plays and prose.

At the Xth Writers' Congress in the GDR in November 1987, she made a contribution to the discussion in which she (in vain) advocated a “theater of authors”, a theater “in which authors put together the program themselves”. The theater in the GDR criticized it as a bourgeois institution in which the audience did not appear.

In 1988, growing dissatisfaction with the situation in the GDR led her to move to West Berlin with her family .

In the following years she developed a non-fictional prose that is always lyrical and dramatic. This is particularly the case in the novel In Berlin (1994), where deep, emotional impressions of life in divided Berlin are told exclusively in images of the city. The venue for their works is usually the center of Berlin as a place of German history and present, but also as a separate place of life and background of family history.

She has been a member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry since 2014 .



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Radio plays

  • 1978: Nine reports of Ronald trying to bury his grandmother . Director: Achim Scholz (radio play - radio of the GDR )
  • 1979: Christina Director: Werner Grunow (radio play - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1982: Isn't there anything going on anywhere? Director: Christoph Schroth (radio play - Radio of the GDR)
  • 1982: You have to go now, Ms. Mühsam. Director: Barbara Plensat (radio play - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1988: Did you use the night? Director: Barbara Plensat (radio play - Broadcasting of the GDR)
  • 1990: March, Berlin. (also speaker) - Director: Jörg Jannings (radio play - RIAS Berlin / NDR )
  • 2014: Tell me about Russia. Director: Barbara Plensat (radio play - RBB )

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