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Ishim - Jessil
Иши́м, Есіл
Course of the Ishim in the catchment area of ​​the Ob

Course of the Ishim in the catchment area of ​​the Ob

Water code RU14010300212115300008071
location Karaganda , Aqmola , Northern Kazakhstan ( Kazakhstan ),
Omsk Oblast , Tyumen Oblast ( Russia )
River system If
Drain over Irtysh  → Ob  → Arctic Ocean
source Kazakh threshold
50 ° 38 ′ 4 ″  N , 73 ° 11 ′ 40 ″  E
muzzle at Ust-Ishim in the Irtysh coordinates: 57 ° 41 '53 "  N , 71 ° 11' 51"  E 57 ° 41 '53 "  N , 71 ° 11' 51"  E

length 2450 km
Catchment area 177,000 km²
Discharge at the Zelinograd gauge (Astana)
A Eo : 7400 km²
Location: 2241 km above the mouth
MQ 1936/1987
Mq 1936/1987
5.6 m³ / s
0.8 l / (s km²)
Discharge at the gauge Kameny Karer (Jessil)
A Eo : 86,200 km²
Location: 1,416 km above the mouth
MQ 1947/1987
Mq 1947/1987
44 m³ / s
0.5 l / (s km²)
Discharge at the Petropavlovsk
A Eo gauge : 106,000 km²
Location: 783 km above the mouth
MQ 1959/1987
Mq 1959/1987
48 m³ / s
0.5 l / (s km²)
Discharge at the gauge Orechowo
A Eo : 133,000 km²
Location: 35 km above the mouth
MQ 1963/1999
Mq 1963/1999
83 m³ / s
0.6 l / (s km²)
Left tributaries Terissaqqan
Right tributaries Koluton , Shabai , Aqqanburlyq , Imanburlyq
Reservoirs flowed through Astana dam , Sergejew dam
Big cities Nur-Sultan , Petropavl
Medium-sized cities Ishim
Small towns Dershavinsk , Jessil
The Ishim / Jessil in Nur-Sultan

The Ishim / Jessil in Nur-Sultan

The 2,450 km long Ishim ( Russian Иши́м / Есиль; Kazakh Есіл / Jessil ) is a left tributary of the Irtysh in Kazakhstan and Russia ( Asia ).


The Ishim rises in Kazakhstan on the northwestern edge of the Kazakh Threshold and initially flows westwards.

The Vyacheslav Reservoir was built 50 km southeast of the Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan for irrigation and electricity generation, and in 2002 the Irtysh-Karaganda Canal was connected to provide further water to the rapidly growing city. 40 km further there is another water reservoir. On reaching the capital, the river receives water from the Nura-Ishim Canal , which flows in here, to supply the local industry and local fish farming.

The Ishim then flows through the government district and business center of Nur-Sultan, which has been newly built since the 1990s, and is artificially widened here to create a more representative impression.

Panorama of the modern government district and business center of Nur-Sultan with the widened Ishim in the foreground.

To the west of Nur-Sultan's water again flows - here naturally and about a third of its total amount of water - from the inland delta of the Nura in the south into the Ishim.

The unregulated Ishim near Derschavinsk

Further west near Derschavinsk the river bends sharply to the north and a little later flows past the Kazakh eponymous city of Jessil . Here it is crossed by the southern branch of the Trans-Eurasia route , which is part of the "New Silk Road" from China to Europe. Another 140 km downstream, the Sergejew Dam was built in 1969 to generate electricity and irrigation. In its navigable lower reaches it passes Petropavl and, already on Russian territory, the Russian eponymous city of Ishim . At Ust-Ishim it flows into the Irtysh .

Catchment area and runoff

For the size of its catchment area of ​​177,000 km², the Ischim has a rather low water flow. It is 215 kilometers from the mouth 56.3 m³ / s (Wikulowo gauge) and a good 35 kilometers from the mouth around 83 m³ / s (Orechowo gauge). A maximum flow of 686 m³ / s was registered at Wikulowo. The upper course lies in the area of ​​the winter cold continental steppes of Inner Asia , towards the mouth of the Ishim the less dry southern taiga surrounds . This explains the significant increase in volume of the river shortly before the mouth.

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