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Иртыш, Ертіс (Ertis), É'ěrqísī Hé 额尔齐斯河 (Ertix)
The Irtysh in Omsk

The Irtysh in Omsk

Water code RU14010100112115300000027
location Xinjiang ( PR China ),
Kazakhstan , Russia
River system If
Drain over Whether  → Arctic Ocean
Headwaters Mongolian Altai in China
47 ° 52 ′ 29 "  N , 89 ° 58 ′ 23"  E
Source height approx.  2930  m above sea level Baltic Sea
muzzle Whether coordinates: 61 ° 4 ′ 9 ″  N , 68 ° 55 ′ 30 ″  E 61 ° 4 ′ 9 ″  N , 68 ° 55 ′ 30 ″  E
Mouth height 23  m above sea level Baltic Sea
Height difference approx. 2907 m
Bottom slope approx. 0.68 ‰
length 4248 km
Catchment area 1,643,000 km²
Discharge at the Tobolsk
A Eo gauge : 958,000 km²
Location: 637 km above the mouth
MQ 1891/1999
Mq 1891/1999
2155 m³ / s
2.2 l / (s km²)
Drain MQ
2960 m³ / s
Left tributaries Ishim , Wagai , Tobol , Konda , Osha
Right tributaries Ulba , Uba , Buchtarma , Tara , Ui , Om , Turtas , Demjanka , Schisch , Tui , Naryn , Qalschyr , Kürschim , Burqin , Kaba
Reservoirs flowed through Buchtarma reservoir , Öskemen reservoir , Schülbi reservoir
Big cities Öskemen , Semei , Pavlodar , Omsk , Tobolsk
Medium-sized cities Aqsu , Tara , Khanty-Mansiysk
Small towns Serebryansk , Kurchatov
Course of the Irtysh in the catchment area of ​​the Ob

Course of the Irtysh in the catchment area of ​​the Ob

Irtysh in Koktokay (Xinjiang)

Irtysh in Koktokay (Xinjiang)

Catchment area of ​​the Irtysh with tributaries

Catchment area of ​​the Irtysh with tributaries

The Irtysh ( Russian Иртыш , Kazakh Ертіс (Ertis), in China officially Ertix , Chinese É'ěrqísī Hé额尔齐斯河) is a 4,248 kilometer left tributary of the Ob in China , Kazakhstan and Russia ( Asia ). The Irtysh is the longest tributary on earth .


The river has its source in China in the Mongolian Altai and flows as the Black Irtysh in a westerly direction; It bears this name up to the confluence with the Saissansee , already on the territory of Kazakhstan . Lake Saissan is mostly flooded by the water from the Buchtarma reservoir , the dam of which was built near Serebryansk , in the western foothills of the Altai. At Semei , the Irtysh enters the vast steppes of Kazakhstan and thus reaches the West Siberian lowlands east of the Urals . It flows through the lowlands in a north-westerly direction and crosses the border with Russia. The first big Russian city he passes is Omsk . At Tobolsk it takes up the Tobol and finally flows into the Ob at Khanty-Mansiysk .

River length and catchment area

The Irtysh (4248 km) together with the lower Ob (1162 kilometers) form one of the longest rivers in the world, the Irtysh – Ob , which has a total length of 5410 kilometers. Its catchment area covers 1,673,470 km², which is roughly 4.6 times the area of Germany . Despite the much larger catchment area, the Irtysh has around 2960 m³ / s, less than half as much water as the Ob at the confluence (around 7200 m³ / s).



Its main tributaries are the Buchtarma , the Om and the Demjanka on the right and the Ishim , the Tobol and the Konda on the left .


Irtysh-Karaganda Canal


  • The Irtysh is frozen over from the beginning of November to the end of April.
  • Yermak Timofejewitsch , the conqueror of Siberia drowned on September 15, 1585 in the Irtysh.
  • The Irtysh is the longest tributary on earth and also has the largest catchment area of ​​all tributaries.
  • The Semei Bridge , which spans the river in Semei , is the longest suspension bridge in Central Asia .

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