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Jacob Friedrich Georg Emmrich (born August 24, 1766 in Meiningen ; † June 13, 1839 in Ansbach ) was a German lawyer and university professor .


Jacob Friedrich Georg Emmrich was the eldest son of Johann Adam Emmrich (* October 3, 1734 in Salzungen ; † September 14, 1796 in Meiningen), inspector and archdeacon in Meiningen and his wife Elisabeth Friederike Erdmuthe (* 1747 in Meiningen; † 1807) , a daughter of Johann Georg Erk (1708–1772), court lawyer in Meiningen, born. He still had four brothers and five sisters, of which one brother and one sister died in childhood; his brother Georg Karl Friedrich Emmrich was later consistorial councilor and court preacher in Meiningen.

He attended the Lyceum (today: Henfling-Gymnasium ) in Meiningen until he matriculated at the University of Göttingen to study law at Easter 1786 . At the university he heard lectures by Johann Stephan Pütter , Christian Gottlob Heyne , Johann Friedrich Eberhard Böhmer , Justus Friedrich Runde , Ludwig Timotheus Spittler and August Ludwig von Schlözer, among others . He received his doctorate on April 29, 1790 with his dissertation Commentatiode litium cxpensis quoad causas civiles , which he later published under the title Ueber Proceßkosten, their reimbursement and compensation, as a doctor of law and habilitated as a private lecturer .

In the summer of 1796 he was appointed as a full professor and assessor of the law faculty at the University of Altdorf and began his lectures in the winter semester, in addition he ran a practice as a lawyer .

In 1802 he was rector magnificus and wrote Observationes ad doctrinam de litium expensis spectantes during this time .

When Altdorf fell to the Kingdom of Bavaria on July 12, 1806 , the number of students steadily decreased, and the Schöppenstuhl work , which accounted for half of his income, was almost entirely stopped because the sending of files was forbidden in the Kingdom of Bavaria; this led to a worsening of his financial situation, in addition, the salary was no longer paid regularly until the university was dissolved on September 24, 1809 and the professors were dismissed.

In April 1811 he received the post of assessor at the Regensburg City Court and in July 1813 went to Memmingen as a judge of appeal for the Illerkreis ; here he met the President of the Court of Appeal Baron Carl Friedrich Wilhelm von Völderndorf (1758–1832), with whom he was already in contact.

In 1817 he was transferred to Ansbach to the appeals court of the Rezatkreis ; the following year he declined an appointment as full professor at the University of Greifswald and stayed in Ansbach.

In the summer of 1834, his request for retirement was granted to him.

In his free time he was engaged in heraldry and brought together one of the largest collections of seals and autographs .

Jacob Friedrich Georg Emmrich married Henriette (née Hüne) († 1811) on January 1, 1797, and they had two daughters together, the eldest of whom died in 1833.

Written work

In addition to his legal writings, and a participation in the 2nd volume of the Pütterische Geschichte from the University of Göttingen, he provided various reviews in the Göttingen scholars advertisements and articles in several other legal journals.

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