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Есік (cas . ) | Есик ( Russian )
Basic data
State : KazakhstanKazakhstan Kazakhstan
Territory : Almaty
Audany: Jengbekschiqasaq
Founded : 1858
Coordinates : 43 ° 21 '  N , 77 ° 27'  E Coordinates: 43 ° 21 '0 "  N , 77 ° 27' 0"  E
Height : 1,214  m
Area : 25.8  km²
Residents : 31.001 (Jan. 1, 2020)
Population density : 1,202 inhabitants per km²
Time zone : EKST ( UTC + 6 )
Telephone code : (+7) 72775
Postal code : 040400-040403
License plate : 05 (old: B, V)
Community type: city
Location in Kazakhstan
Jessik (Kazakhstan)
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Jessik ( Kazakh Есік , Russian Есик ; until 1993 Issyk / Иссык) is a city in the Almaty region in Kazakhstan at the foot of the Transili-Alatau .


Jessik is located on the Jessik River , a left tributary of the Ili . The city is located 52 km east of Almaty , the former capital of Kazakhstan. Jessik is the administrative center of Jengbekschiqasaq County .


After the establishment of the Vernoye fortress , the local authorities decided to found several Cossack villages around Vernoye in order to strengthen the eastern borders of the Russian Empire . The city was originally founded in 1858 as Stanitsa Nadeschdinskaya ( Надеждинская ). From 1918 the place was called Issyk.

During the Soviet era, the place was one of the wealthiest settlements of the Kazakh SSR . There was a bakery and a dairy supplying bread and dairy products to the entire Jengbekschiqasaq district, a fruit and vegetable factory, a textile and clothing factory, and a rubber products factory. Livestock and agriculture developed around the town. Among other things, wheat, maize and potatoes were planted in the fields; Apple orchards were planted on the mountain slopes. The wine from the local winery was known throughout the Soviet Union.

On July 7, 1963 Issyk was hit by a mudslide . In the early hours of the morning, the earth wall that was holding back the water of Lake Issyk was broken. As a result, six million tons of mud and rocks poured into the valley and devastated the place. The Soviet media initially kept silent about the accident, and it was only more than two weeks later on July 25 that a report appeared in a regional newspaper. Several hundred houses were destroyed in Issyk, the exact number of fatalities is still unknown. Estimates range from one hundred to 1000 dead. Lake Issyk had completely disappeared.

In 1968 Issyk received city rights. On May 4, 1993, the transcription of the city name was changed from the Russian spelling Issyk to the Kazakh spelling Jessik.


Population development
1939 1959 1970 1979 1989 1999 2009
7.161 11,147 21,600 25.209 26,955 31,254 34,355

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