Yevgeny Ellinowitsch Sveshnikov

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Evgeny Sveshnikov.jpg
Yevgeny Svezhnikov, 2005
Association Soviet UnionSoviet Union Soviet Union (until 1991) Russia (1992 to 2002, since 2015) Latvia (2002 to 2015)
Born February 11, 1950
title International Master (1975)
Grand Master (1977)
Current  Elo rating 2478 (August 2020)
Best Elo rating 2610 (January 1994)
Tab at the FIDE (English)

Evgeni Ellinowitsch Svešowikov ( Russian Евгений Эллинович Свешников , Latvian spelling Jevgēņijs Svešņikovs ; born February 11, 1950 in Chelyabinsk ) is a Russian chess grandmaster and chess theorist who played for the Latvian chess federation at times.


He learned to play chess from his father at the age of five. He later trained at the local pioneer palace and gradually developed into a good player. He first completed a university degree as an engineer and only then devoted himself fully to chess.

Sveshnikov had his best phase as a tournament player in the 1970s and 1980s. He won 1974 in Děčín and in 1976 shared second to fourth place in the 1st USSR league, a qualifying tournament for the USSR championship. In 1977 he won in Le Havre . He took part in several USSR championships, but never got a winning place. The FIDE awarded him in 1977 the title of Grand Master . Sveshnikov won the Latvian individual championship in 2008 and 2010 . In November 2017 he won the senior world championship for the age group 65+ in Acqui Terme .

Yevgeny Svezhnikov (1981)

He appeared particularly as a chess theorist. Together with other Chelyabinsk chess masters, he examined a variant in the Sicilian Defense in the 1970s and applied it himself with great success. This variant, which used to be considered less than recommended and was known as the Lasker Pelikan variant , then took off. It is known in the Russian-speaking area as the Chelyabinsk variant , but outside of Russia its name is now Sveshnikov variant . It is one of the most played and best-analyzed openings in modern top chess and is part of the main repertoire of such well-known players as Wladimir Kramnik , Péter Lékó and especially world champion Magnus Carlsen .

Sveshnikov was married twice and has two sons and two daughters. His son Vladimir Svešņikovs holds the title of International Master and was Latvian individual champion in 2016.

National team

Sveshnikov took part with the Latvian national team in the 2004 , 2006 , 2008 and 2010 Chess Olympiads . Svezhnikov played twice at European team championships . In 1977 he won the competition with the Soviet Union, in 2010 he took part with Latvia.


In the 1980s Sveshnikov played for Zenit , later for Poliot Tscheljabinsk , with whom he also took part in the European Club Cup three times and came second in 1992 and third in 1995, Kadyr Ufa , with whom he won the Russian team championship in 1994 , Magnezit Satka and Urals Sverdlovsk Oblast . In Yugoslavia Sveshnikov played for the team from Partizan Belgrade , with whom he took part in the 1996 European Club Cup.

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