Johann Heinrich Kauerz

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Johann Heinrich Kauerz (born April 11, 1810 , † after November 2, 1888) was a Prussian administrative officer.

The Catholic Johann Heinrich Kauerz was from 1839 alderman and 1845 mayor of the Elsen mayor in the Grevenbroich district . In 1846 he served as district secretary under District Administrator Richard von Vorst-Gudenau . As such, even after Vorst-Gudenau's resignation by the Düsseldorf government from August 1850 to March 15, 1851, the administration of the district administration was delegated to him. In 1853 Kauerz moved to Düsseldorf, to the Düsseldorf District Office . In the transition phase from District Administrator Emmerich Freiherr Raitz von Frentz to Wilderich Graf von Spee , Kauerz was also commissioned to head the Düsseldorf District Office from May 6 to July 25, 1863. Johann Heinrich Kauerz was married to Klara Blankenstein (born April 5, 1810 in Fürth; † November 2, 1888) since 1838, with whom he had two daughters, including a later nun.


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