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Gisbert von Bonin (born May 6, 1841 in Altenplathow , Jerichow II district , † March 14, 1913 in Berlin ) was a German manor owner and administrative lawyer . He was Minister of State in Saxe-Coburg and Gotha .


He came from the old aristocratic family of Bonin, and was the son of the Prussian finance minister and chief president Gustav von Bonin and Maria, née Maria. Keller (1814-1849). As a student, he attended the Brandenburg Knight Academy and the grammar school in Stendal .

Bonin married the widowed Maria Freiin von Hurter on April 22, 1872 in Godesberg (* November 7, 1839 in Elberfeld ; † August 18, 1912 at Gut Brettin, district of Jerichow), the daughter of the royal Prussian judiciary Reinhold Freiherr von Hurter and Maria Therese von Hurter born Set .


Bonin studied law and camera studies at the Royal University of Greifswald , the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität zu Berlin . On the Friedrichs University Halle he was in 1865 for Dr. iur. PhD . He was a member of the Corps Guestfalia Greifswald (1862) and Guestphalia Heidelberg (1862) as well as corps loop bearer of the Guestphalia Halle (1867).

He became a government assessor in 1869 and took up a job with the Prussian railway administration. In 1876 he became district administrator of the Grevenbroich district before moving to the Ministry of Finance in 1881, where he was appointed secret finance council and lecturing council a year later. From March 1888 to November 1891 he was the conducting minister of state of the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and an authorized representative at the Federal Council . In 1891 he joined as a real. Go Council retired, but continued to represent the duchies in the Federal Council. During that time he lived in the Gotha Winter Palace .

From 1902 until his death he was a hereditary member of the Prussian mansion . He was curator of the King Wilhelm and Kaiserin Augusta Foundation and legal knight of the Order of St. John .


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