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Wilderich August Friedrich Hubert Graf von Spee (* 19th October 1830 in Dusseldorf , † 16th March 1890 in Untermaubach ) was a German jurist and district administrator of the district of Dusseldorf .

Life and career

Wilderich Graf von Spee was a son of the landlord Franz Anton Graf von Spee and his wife Sophie, née Countess von Merveldt. After visiting his great-uncle Johann Wilhelm Freiherr von Mirbach-Harf , co-founded the Rhenish Knights Academy in Bedburg , which he left with passing the final examination on August 2, 1851, he studied in Würzburg , Bonn , Heidelberg and Berlin law . In Bonn he became a member of the Corps Borussia in 1854 .

After taking the auscultation exam at the Berlin Court of Appeal (September 21, 1855), he moved to the Berlin District Court for further training on November 28 of the same year and from there to the Charlottenburg Court Commission . With the traineeship examination on December 15, 1857, Wilderich Graf von Spee then transferred to the Prussian administrative service, where he was appointed government trainee (February 15, 1858) with the Royal Prussian government in Frankfurt / Oder and from October 5, 1860 in Düsseldorf Found employment.

As the successor to his older brother August Graf von Spee , who had carried out this post from July 25, 1863 to March 14, 1864, Wilderich Graf von Spee took over the administration of the Düsseldorf district on March 14, 1864. This was preceded by the definitive appointment by means of the highest cabinet order of February 13, 1864. Von Spee was put into temporary retirement on December 31, 1873 . In 1874 he acquired Untermaubach Castle , to which he withdrew with his family.


The Catholic Wilderich Graf von Spee married on July 25, 1865 at Harff Castle Antonia, born Freiin von Mirbach (born June 5, 1846 Grevenbroich; died April 18, 1921 in Untermaubach), a daughter of the Grevenbroich District Administrator Richard von Vorst-Gudenau and his Wife Julie, née Countess von Hoyos-Sprinzenstein. Her son Josef Graf von Spee (1876–1941) was district administrator for the Schleiden district from 1916 to 1933 , his younger brother Friedrich Graf von Spee for the remainder of the Merzig-Wadern district from 1920 to 1945 .


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