Kalskie Łąki

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Kalskie Łąki
Kalskie Łąki does not have a coat of arms
Kalskie Łąki (Poland)
Kalskie Łąki
Kalskie Łąki
Basic data
State : Poland
Voivodeship : Warmia-Masuria
Powiat : Węgorzewo
Gmina : Pozezdrze
Geographic location : 54 ° 10 '  N , 21 ° 46'  E Coordinates: 54 ° 9 '56 "  N , 21 ° 45' 39"  E
Residents :
Telephone code : (+48) 87
License plate : NWE
Economy and Transport
Street : Okowizna - Róg → Kalskie Łąki
Rail route : no rail connection
Next international airport : Danzig

Kalskie Łąki ( German  Kehlerwiese ) is a small town in the Polish Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship . It forms a residential area in the village of Harsz ("przysiółek wsi Harsz", German  Haarszen , 1936 to 1945 Haarschen ) in the rural community of Pozezdrze (Possessern , 1938 to 1945 Großgarten) in the powiat Węgorzewski ( Angerburg district ).

Kalskie Łąki is located in the northeast of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship between the Jezioro Harsz (Harschen Lake) and the Jezioro Święcajty (Schwenzaitsee) , six kilometers southeast of the district town of Węgorzewo (Angerburg) .


In 1898 Kehl Proven , after 1912 Kehl Erwiese called, first mentioned and at that time consisted of a few small farms. Until 1945 it belonged to the municipality throats ( Polish Kal ), which in turn the district Angerburg in Administrative district Gumbinnen the Prussian province of East Prussia was assigned.

In 1905 Kehlerwiese had 28 inhabitants.

Since 1945, the then "Kalskie Łąki" living space has been integrated into the village of Harsz and its Schulzenamt (sołectwo in Polish) within the rural municipality of Pozezdrze in the powiat Węgorzewski .


Ecclesiastically, Kehlerwiese was parish in the Protestant Church Possessern or in the Catholic Church of St. Bruno in Lötzen (in Polish: Giżycko ), while Kalskie Łąki now belonged to the Catholic parish of Pozezdrze and the Protestant parish in Giżycko, which maintains a preaching position in Prozezdrze .


Kalskie Łąki is located away from the traffic on a land road that connects it with Okowizna (Numeiten) via Róg (rye) . There is no rail link.

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