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Kenneth McArthur.jpg
Ken McArthur after the 1912 award ceremony

Full name Kennedy Kane McArthur
nation South Africa 1912South African Union South African Union
birthday February 10, 1881 or 1882
place of birth BallymoneyUK
size 188 cm
Weight 77 kg
date of death June 13, 1960
Place of death PotchefstroomSouth Africa
discipline Long distance running
Best performance Marathon: 2: 36: 54.8 h
Medal table
Olympic games 1 × gold 0 × silver 0 × bronze
Olympic rings Olympic games
gold Stockholm 1912 Marathon run

Ken McArthur (actually: Kennedy Kane McArthur ; born February 10, 1881 or 1882 in Ballymoney , Northern Ireland , † June 13, 1960 in Potchefstroom ) was a South African marathon runner and Olympic champion .

McArthur, whose first name is often incorrectly given as Kenneth , was discovered as a promising athlete in his youth. In 1901 he emigrated to South Africa.

The marathon at the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 took place in great heat; the Portuguese Francisco Lázaro died of heat stroke . McArthur and fellow countryman Christopher Gitsham ran together and quickly took the lead. Sure of victory, Gitsham stopped to drink and expected his colleague to join as agreed. Instead, McArthur kept running, increasing his lead and finishing 58 seconds earlier than Gitsham.

The next season, McArthur injured his foot in an accident and was forced to retire from athletics . He ran a total of six marathons in his career and finished all of them as the winner.

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Ken McArthur shortly before the Stockholm Olympic Stadium
Ken McArthur wins the 1912 Olympic marathon