St. Michael College

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St. Michael College
College Saint Michel Friborg 011.JPG
type of school high school
founding 1582

St-Pierre-Canisius 10
1700 Freiburg

place Freiburg in Üechtland
Canton Freiburg
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 578 604  /  183 953 coordinates: 46 ° 48 '23 "  N , 7 ° 9' 30"  O ; CH1903:  578 604  /  one hundred and eighty-three thousand nine hundred fifty-three
student more than 1300 (2016)
management Matthias Wider

The College of St. Michael ( French : Collège Saint-Michel ) is a former college of the Jesuits named after the Archangel Michael and is now a bilingual grammar school in Friborg , Switzerland .


The Jesuit Church of St. Michael , which belongs to the college , was built from 1604 to 1613 in the late Gothic style. The buildings of the college date from the Renaissance period and were mostly built towards the end of the 16th century.


The College of St. Michael was on June 11, 1582 at the instigation of Pope Gregory XIII. founded and opened on October 18, 1582. The first rector was Peter Michael (1549–1596) from Silesia . A leading figure in the history of the college was Petrus Canisius, who was later canonized until his death in 1597 .

When Pope Clement XIV repealed the Jesuit order in 1773, the Jesuits remained in the college as secular chaplains, and after the restoration of the order in 1814, the Freiburg government returned sole responsibility for the school to them in 1818. After Freiburg's defeat in the Sonderbund War , the Jesuits had to leave the college for good and it was converted into a cantonal school. The theological faculty of the college was the nucleus of the University of Freiburg, founded in 1889 .

Building of the College of St. Michel

Annual festivals

St. Michael and St. Nicholas

At the patronage festival of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the city of Friborg on the first Saturday of December every year, a student of the St. Michael College dressed as St. Nicholas walks with a donkey at the head of a parade through the old town and then stops from a platform above the Portal of the cathedral a speech with satirical allusions to the events of the past year in the College and in the city.


The valete is a festival that traditionally ends the school year of the St. Michael College. On the last day of school, all students take part in games (since the 1960s), and in the evening there are concerts in the Kollegiumshof, which, unlike the daytime activities, are open to everyone, as is the anus , which has ended the festivities in recent years. Since 1991 a group of the teaching staff has appeared about every two years. A class of the 3rd year organizes the valete . It elects a student committee, which is supported by the administrator and a director.

Known students


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