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Linda Zervakis, 2010

Linda Zervakis (born July 25, 1975 in Hamburg ; since the surnames of women are set in feminine form in Greek, the name would be Λίντα Ζερβάκη in Greek ) is a Greek - German television presenter , news anchor and journalist in the editorial team of ARD-Aktuell in Hamburg.

Origin and school education

Zervakis grew up as the daughter of Greek guest workers and later a small business owner in Hamburg-Harburg . It was crucial for her further career that her parents made it possible for her to attend the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium there , where she graduated from high school in 1994 . The early death of her father, who ran a kiosk with his wife in Harburg, meant that her mother had to rely on the cooperation of her children in order to continue running it on her own: she still helped until she was 28 years old hence Linda Zervakis in her family's kiosk on Sundays.

Professional background

After graduating from high school in 1994, she worked as an intern at the advertising agency BBDO , where she then worked as a copywriter . She later worked as a volunteer and editor for various radio and television production companies.

In 2001 she switched to NDR . There she was first as a newscaster and editor for the radio program N-JOY ; from 2004 also worked in front of the camera as a newscaster and reporter for the Schleswig-Holstein-Magazin and the Schleswig-Holstein 6pm program. Since 2006 she has moderated the Tagesschau news on tagesschau24 . From 2008 to 2010 she was an external reporter for the NDR show Mein Afternoon .

From February 2009, Zervakis represented Gabi Bauer and Ingo Zamperoni in the night magazine ; in February 2010 she became the spokeswoman for the Tagesschau . From July to September 2011 Zervakis could also be heard in the afternoon program of 1 Live together with Simon Beeck as a vacation replacement.

In May 2013, Zervakis succeeded Marc Bator as spokeswoman for the 8 p.m. main edition of the Tagesschau . This personnel decision by the station caused a certain stir at the time, not least because there had never been a Tagesschau spokeswoman with a migrant background before.

In February 2018 she moderated together with Elton Our Song for Lisbon , the German preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 , in February 2019 with Barbara Schöneberger the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 . In September 2019 she moderated the presentation of the YouTube Golden Camera Digital Award together with Daniele Rizzo . In December 2019, she coined the show extra 3 Night Live , a special form of the edition of the satirical magazine extra 3 .

Since June 15, 2020 she has been running her own podcast "Linda Zervakis presents good Germans" as a Spotify original.


Linda Zervakis is married and has two children. She had a son in late February 2012 and a daughter in early February 2015. Zervakis has German and Greek citizenship.


Zervakis has been an ambassador for the BürgerStiftung Hamburg since November 2018 .

Music videos

Zervakis appeared briefly in the following music videos :


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