List of parishes in the deanery Maria Taferl

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The Maria Taferl deanery is a deanery of the Roman Catholic diocese of St. Pölten .

Parishes with church buildings and chapels

place Parish Association since Patronage Church buildings and chapels image
Altenmarkt in the Yspertal 1313 St. Magdalena Altenmarkt parish church in Yspertal Catholic parish church hl.  Maria Magdalena in Altenmarkt.jpg
Artstetten 1718 Saint James the Elder Artstetten parish church Artstetten - Church.JPG
Dorfstetten 1681 St. Ulrich Parish church Dorfstetten Catholic parish church hl.  Ulrich in Dorfstetten.jpg
Ebersdorf 1336 St. Blaise Parish church fief
Parish Church in Lehen 2015-08.jpg
Gottsdorf 12th century Hll. Peter and Paul Parish church Gottsdorf Gottsdorf Church1.jpg
Kleinpöchlarn 1664 St. Othmar Parish Church of Klein-Pöchlarn KleinPöchlarn Church 07.jpg
Laimbach am Ostrong 1336 St. Margaret Parish church Laimbach am Ostrong Catholic parish church hl.  Margarethe in Laimbach am Ostrong II.jpg
Marbach on the Danube around 1400 St. Martin Parish church Marbach an der Donau Marbach an der Donau - Church.JPG
Maria Taferl 1784 Sorrowful Mother of God Pilgrimage Church Maria Taferl Maria Taferl - Church (1) .JPG
Münichreith am Ostrong 1144 St. Nicholas Parish church Münichreith am Ostrong 04/28/2013 - Münichreith-Laimbach - Parish Church of St.  Nicholas and cemetery - 02.jpg
Neukirchen am Ostrong 1784 Assumption Day Parish church Neukirchen am Ostrong
Oldest pilgrimage church in the Waldviertel
Neukirchen am Ostrong - Church.JPG
Nöchling 1681 Saint James the Elder Parish Church Nöchling Nöchling Church1.jpg
Persenbeug 1789 Mary, queen of all saints Parish Church of Persenbeug Persenbeug Parish Church1.jpg
Pisching 1784 St. Urban Parish church Pisching Catholic parish church hl.  Urban in Wimberg II.jpg
Pöbring 1784 St. Bartholomew Parish church Pöbring Pöbring - Church.JPG
Pöggstall 12th century St. Anna Parish Church of Pöggstall
Pöggstall - Church (2) .JPG
St. Oswald 1160 St. Oswald Parish Church St. Oswald (Lower Austria) St Oswald Church1.jpg
Ysper 1787 St. Laurence Ysper parish church Catholic parish church hl.  Lorenz in Ysper.jpg

Deanery Maria Taferl

The deanery comprises 18 parishes.

  • Johann Grülnberger, pastor in Dorfstetten since 2015

Individual evidence

  1. ↑ In 2015 dean Johann Grülnberger was appointed pastor of the Dorfstetten parish., accessed on November 20, 2019.