Love is all you need

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German title Love is all you need
Original title The skaldede frisør
Country of production Denmark , Sweden , Italy , France , Germany
original language Danish
Publishing year 2012
length 116 minutes
Age rating FSK 0
Director Susanne beer
script Thomas Jensen is different
production Sisse Graum Jørgensen
Vibeke Windeløv
music Johan Söderqvist
camera Morten Søborg
cut Pernille Bech Christensen
Morten Egholm

Love Is All You Need (Original title: Den skaldede frisør , Danish Die kahle Frisörin ) is a romantic comedy film by the director Susanne Bier from 2012.


The Danish hairdresser Ida learns during a follow-up examination at a hospital in Copenhagen that her breast cancer has probably stopped after an operation and subsequent chemotherapy. Ida declines the offer of breast reconstruction.

She drives home and catches her husband Leif in flagranti with his young colleague Thilde on the sofa at home.

Frustrated, Ida then decides to travel alone to Italy for the wedding of her daughter Astrid. In the parking garage of the airport she damages a passing car while backing up and thus meets Philip, the father of her future son-in-law Patrick. Philip, a widowed British fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Denmark, is also on his way to Italy. Initially not very enthusiastic about each other, they come to terms with the upcoming wedding and slowly get closer.

Meanwhile, Astrid and Patrick are preparing everything for the wedding in Italy, which is to take place in Philips' idyllic country house on the Sorrento peninsula on the Amalfi Coast . Alessandro, a local Italian, helps them with this.

The guests of the wedding party gradually arrive and the initially carefree atmosphere becomes increasingly tense - Leif brings Thilde to the family celebration, Philip is emotionally harassed by his sister-in-law Benedigte, Ida struggles with her cancer, Philip and Ida fall in love. The closer the marriage date approaches, the more nervous the bride and groom also become. After a kiss from Alessandro, Patrick is no longer sure of his sexual orientation, Astrid also has doubts regardless. At the last moment they cancel the wedding in front of the already assembled wedding guests.

Ida travels back to Copenhagen and is asked for forgiveness by Leif, who has since ended his affair with Thilde. But Ida isn't sure whether to try again with Leif.

A few days later, Ida receives an invitation from Philip to visit him at his home in Italy. Ida leaves Leif and flies to Philip in Italy. In his presence she opens a letter from the hospital, Philip smiles.


"Romantic comedy with a picturesque setting and a convincing leading actress who, however, often gets out of focus in favor of quite woodcut-like, up to caricature-distorted ensemble characters."

"[...] and within a short time the Rosamunde-Pilcher ambience collides with the merciless illumination of interpersonal upheavals known from Dogma films ."

- Susan Vahabzadeh : Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Basically everything that gets on the nerves of the average European about average romantic comedies is modified here - everyone still has to get the hang of it. Here, however, not all relationships are made to last, and some gags would be forbidden in Hollywood - far too daring. "

- Birgit Roschy : The time

"The bittersweet romance 'Love Is All You Need' is certainly not Bier's masterpiece, but the viewer can feel like a welcome guest in the house of a good friend."

- Robert Cherkowski :


Several melodies and variations of Harry Warren 's song That's Amore are used as the soundtrack in the film.

Awards (selection)

  • Love Is All You Need was awarded the European Film Prize in the category Best Comedy ( European Comedy ) in Berlin in 2013 .


In Denmark the film was released on September 5, 2012, in Germany on November 22, 2012. The DVD was released on September 10, 2013.

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