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Martin Ludwig Wilhelm von Korth (born November 18, 1811 in Stargard in Pomerania , † August 4, 1876 in Berlin ) was a Prussian lieutenant general .



Ludwig was the son of the Prussian colonel and commander of the 21st Infantry Regiment Martin von Korth (1782-1838) and his wife Dorothea, née Hacke.

Military career

After attending grammar school in Stettin , Korth joined the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the Prussian Army on September 11, 1826 as a flag junior and was promoted to secondary lieutenant until mid-August 1829 . He was transferred to the 34th Infantry Regiment on February 22, 1831 and graduated from the General War School in 1833/36 . On April 7, 1842, he was appointed adjutant to the commandant's office of Mainz Fortress , rose to Prime Lieutenant at the end of July 1842, and on October 3, 1844, he became an adjutant of the Mainz governorate. In this position he was promoted to captain on March 27, 1847 and served as a company commander in his regiment again from September 15, 1849 . On May 9, 1854, he was appointed as a major in command of the 2nd Battalion in the 21st Landwehr Regiment. This was followed on June 21, 1856 as a commander of the Fusilier Battalion in the 21st Infantry Regiment . In the same capacity, he was transferred to the Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment on April 14, 1857 . On February 17, 1859, Korth came to Magdeburg as commander of the 2nd Battalion in the 2nd Guards Landwehr Regiment . He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on May 31, 1859 . During the mobilization on the occasion of the Sardinian War , he became the commander of the mobile 2nd Guard Landwehr Regiment on June 14, 1859. On May 8, 1860, he was commissioned to lead the 2nd Combined Guards Infantry Regiment, from which the 4th Guards Regiment emerged on foot on July 1, 1860 . Korth was the first commander of this association , promoted to colonel on October 18, 1861 and on January 18, 1863 with the Order of the Red Eagle III. Excellent with a bow.

During the war against Denmark in 1864 he was wounded while storming the Düppeler Schanzen . For his work during the war, in addition to the swords for the Order of the Red Eagle, he received the order Pour le Mérite and from the Allied Austrians the Order of the Iron Crown II class with war decorations. Korth came on 21 November 1864 position à la suite of his regiment as commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade combined in the Elbe Duchies . Promoted to major general on June 18, 1865 , he joined the 35th Infantry Brigade on October 30, 1865 as commander . After the dissolution of the combined infantry division in the Elbe Duchies on January 4, 1866, he and his brigade remained directly subordinate to the governor of Schleswig and received judicial confirmation rights, as well as the disciplinary authority of a division commander.

During the German War , Korth took part in the Main Army in the battles near Üttingen and Roßbrunn in 1866 . On August 20, 1866 he received the Crown Order II. Class with Swords. Under awarding of the character he was on 11 April 1866 as a lieutenant general board for disposition made. For the duration of the mobilization on the occasion of the war against France , Korth was reused in 1870/71 and entrusted with the command of the immobile guard infantry. On June 27, 1871, he received the Star with Oak Leaves and Swords for the Order of the Crown, 2nd Class, and on October 18, 1871, the Order of St. Anne, 1st Class. He died in Berlin on August 4, 1876.


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