Nikolai Ivanovich Kazanli

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Nikolai Ivanovich Kazanli (1902)

Nikolai Ivanovich Kasanli ( Russian Николай Иванович Казанли ; born December 5 . Jul / 17th December  1869 greg. In Tiraspol , † July 23 jul. / 5. August  1916 greg. In Petrograd ) was a Russian composer , conductor and journalist .


Kazanli learned to play the violin from 1879 to 1883 at the music school of the Society of Fine Arts in Odessa . He then graduated from the Nikolai - Cadet Corps Poltava (completion 1886). From 1891–1894 he studied composition theory with Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow and counterpoint theory with Julius Johannsen at the St. Petersburg Conservatory . He took advice from Mili Balakirew , who was close to him. He also worked in Russian newspapers (1890-1893)

Kazanli's works clearly show his technical mastery, taste and imagination. He was particularly characterized by colored instrumentation . However, he closed himself off to new forms and techniques. He orchestrated many foreign works. From 1897–1904 he conducted Russian symphony concerts in Munich with Franz Kaim . Michail Glinkas Ruslan and Lyudmila were performed there for the first time in Germany under Kazanli's direction . The performance in Berlin followed in 1900 . In 1902 Kasanli conducted in Prague and Bad Kissingen .

Kasanli translated Julius Johannsen's German textbook of strict counterpoint into Russian and published it at the author's request after his death in 1904. He worked for the Münchener Allgemeine Zeitung , the Deutsche Musik-Zeitung and Die Musik (1901–1905) among others. He was music inspector of schools in St. Petersburg and the 2nd Cadet Corps and a member of the Commission for the Improvement of Military Music .

Kazanli was buried in St. Petersburg in the Nicholas Cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery . The physicist Dmitri Nikolajewitsch Kazanli was his son.


for orchestra :

for choir and orchestra:

  • Rusalka ( Lev Mei )
  • The wolf in the dog kennel ( Iwan Krylow )
  • Hard cantata for the 200th anniversary of the 2nd Cadet Corps (1912)

for choir a cappella :

Kazanli was the creator of many romances .

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